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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

We have here a picture from Helen Philip (who’s in the far right, with her partner Teh Jung Siang). Also in the picture are: Rosalind Goh (4th from right), and Teng Yoke Leng (10th from right).

This event is said to be the ‘most exciting’ event during the RPS annual Sports Day. (Some of you might remember one of our previous posts titled “Let’s March“).

Does RPS still have this event lined up as part of their Sports Day programme? Calling all RPS girls (past and present) and teachers too! 😉

  1. shakuntala says:

    Hi Ipoh Mali,

    Can’t believe that RPS did not have events of this nature later on. Boy! we had a Grand Sports Day every single year from 1960 till 1970 when I left RPS and each Sports Day featured a Mass Rhythmic Dance of some kind. I remember Miss Ponniah used to be the brainchild behind such events. Once I remember we had the SEAP Games in Perak and RPS organized a huge show then in the stadium. It was a grand moment for RPS! Helen Philip is a classmate of my sister so I know her well too. I do have some pictures of teachers and friends. I shall post them as soon as I get them.

  2. Koh julia says:

    I left RPS in 1968, wonder anyone who was in form 3 that time . Sure nice to see some photos during year 1966 to 1968.

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