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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

October 2011

Sports Day at RPS

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We have here a picture from Helen Philip (who’s in the far right, with her partner Teh Jung Siang). Also in the picture are: Rosalind Goh (4th from right), and Teng Yoke Leng (10th from right).

This event is said to be the ‘most exciting’ event during the RPS annual Sports Day. (Some of you might remember one of our previous posts titled “Let’s March“).

Does RPS still have this event lined up as part of their Sports Day programme? Calling all RPS girls (past and present) and teachers too! 😉

August 2011

A Bevy of Ipoh’s Pretty Girls

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Yes, these are girls from Ipoh and Raja Perempuan School. It is 1973 and this is the Community Service Club.

It was kindly sent in to us by Helen Philip who we think is standing fourth from the left and next to the tall girl with pigtails directly behind the teacher. Thank you Helen for the photo.

Now ladies, it is your turn to work. Who are the others and where are they standing/sitting. We look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, note the mural on the wall behind them, one carrying the national flag. Could that be 1Malaysia 1973 style?

January 2011

Recognise this school?

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Familiar? For those of you who are stumped, this is the Raja Perempuan School (RPS) – which is along Chung Thye Phin Road (opposite Main Convent Primary School).

We’d like you to have a guess at the date of this picture (we don’t know ourselves!). Maybe if anyone of you know the history of the building, you could share with the rest of us? 🙂

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