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This is the inside of the projection room of Glory Cinema. The boys in ‘action’ are Bakar and Sangiva. I’m sure many of our local cinemas had similar projection rooms. Now that they’ve closed, I do wonder what happened to all the equipment…anyone know a thing or two about this?

  1. Lim Keat Boon says:

    Felicia, I need a favour from you. You posted – Anderson School, Ipoh – Class of ’75 sometime back and I’m from Class of ’78. My class is 5A1. Any chance you can get Form 5 photos for all the classes, I would very much like to know where are they now. My recollection is quite blur.


    Lim Keat Boon

  2. felicia says:

    Hi Lim. Sorry, but we don’t have an Andersonian class photo from 1978. Perhaps you could ask the school if they have a copy of the Year Book.
    Or, you could try to find “Journey of the Andersonians – Who’s Who” (it’s a limited edition book though).
    Maybe some Andersonians reading this might be able to help you out.


  3. Christopher says:

    Hi Chuah. I’m a former Michaelian myself, left school not too long ago. Am curious to know where the projection room you spoke of was at because the only ‘Projection’ room I remember is the lecture theater which was near the School hall.


    • Chuah TC says:

      The projection room is in the lecture theater next to the school foyer where the statue Pater Familias is, as you’ve said. I think there is a door now that goes to the school hall – during my time, there was none. When you left school Chris, were they still using the projector?

      I think this room was built around 1969/1970. There was even a Cinema Club back then, formed in Feb 1970. Teacher-in-charge at that time was Mr Louis Rodrigues.

      From Michaelian 1970:

      “There are film shows each week on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All are welcome and admission is merely 20 cents; club members are required to pay 50 cents a month only.

      The aim of the club is not just entertainment and pastime and keeping people away from more mischievous pursuits: throughout the year it has come to the assistance of various school societies and service projects in need of funds.”

      • Christopher says:

        In the last few months while I was still at the school, the lecture theater was being renovated – this was in 2009. I think they’re still using it for certain classes that requires the projector.

        I’m not too sure about the door that leads to the school hall though as I’ve not been back for quite a while, haha.


  4. Alexandar says:

    Hi Chuah and Chris.
    The projector room and the projector was rediscovered by the school teacher,
    Mr. Prakas in 2010. The small projector with the film reel and other items was moved to the Heritage Gallery of the school. During the renovation, the door that leads to the hall was removed and a wall was build. But if I’m not mistaken the door arch is still present. The projector room was renovated but I’m not sure what does the room is being used currently.

    Refer this article in the link below.


    • Chuah TC says:

      Thanks Alexandar for the update.

      An interesting comment from Patrick Teoh from the link you provided, where he wrote:

      “The discovery of the film proj reminds me of those Fridays in SMI when Bro. Michael would screen rented movies in the school hall.”

      Looks like the projector could be older than 1969/1970. Patrick Teoh was in Form 4 in 1963, if I am not mistaken.

  5. Mano says:

    Bakar was already working at the projection room of the Glory Cinema, popularly known as the Glory Theatre, as a student at the Sg Pari School around 1969-70. He used to show discarded clippings of film with popular cinema heroes to the other kids in school.
    Looking at the picture, it’s obvious that he had made it a career into his adulthood and probably worked at the Glory till it closed down.

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