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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Not quite. This picture was taken at an actual event, which was held at the Lido Theatre in Ipoh! Does anyone remember this event? If you are this 12 year old who won this competition…we’d LOVE to hear from you too! 😉


  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    The Lido was not the only cinema to hold such a “promotional” event. Some people were outraged that children were encouraged to take part.

    Does the article really not say who won the contest?

    • IKA says:

      No Ipoh Remembered, I am afraid that it doesn’t. Only that 8 men took part. I can well believe that some parents would be incensed bout this competition.

  2. Ngai C O says:


    I can understand some quarters might have felt outraged over the stunt because of the ‘underage factor’

    As for some Malaysian politicians’s reactions, they would take advantage of the situation to react and blow it out of proportions.

    After the 60s women’s lib., Woodstock etc, we saw a dramatic loosening of cultures.

    However, there is one culture that has tightened its noose to restrict freedom by all means.

    • Ngai C O says:


      I wonder whether people remember the days when it was common to tease the bride and groom at Chinese wedding receptions.

      It was definitely fun for the antagonisers but could be very embarrassing because one could not predict how it was going to turn out.

      I did enjoy participating in teasing the newlyweds.

      Judging from youtube clips, it is still prevalent.

  3. sk says:

    I am tickled by this. Never could have imagine a contest like this held in May 1973 promoting a UK comedy Up The Chastity Belt starred by Frankie Howerd, Nora Swinburne & etc. I have not heard of this Actor & Actress. I have left Kinta Valley then.

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