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May 2018

Ever heard of Sinalco?

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No, we didn’t make this word up 😉

‘Sinalco’ is said to be an abbreviation of the Latin sine alcohole, which means “without alcohol”. Sinalco is the oldest soft drink brand in Europe (it was first marketed in 1902!), and is produced by Sinalco International, Germany.

Perhaps the advertisement might give you a clue as to how these bottles of non-alcoholic drinks looked like back then.


Be Prepared!

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No, we’re not trying to scare you 😉 Although not strictly a Psychological Warfare tool, like the air-dropped leaflets, this brochure certainly formed an early part of the psychological fight against the communists.  For those of you who remember the Malayan Emergency, have you seen similar posters in and around your neighbourhood?

Perak Academy Talk

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In the best of philosophical tradition, the speaker is not an academic philosopher, and he is not in academia.  He is, however, a philosopher in the sense that he is extremely curious and inquisitive about the vast diversity of human nature, the concern and search for a meaningful and purposeful life, and the varieties of thoughts and experiences and his own reflections on these matters. 

 By profession, he is a lawyer, but in his legal practice he brings with it a certain dose of philosophy.  “I have often been asked how my studies in philosophy have helped me in the practical application of the law and the cut-and thrust world of corporate business. I do not cut or thrust; I practice law with a heavy dose of philosophical persuasion, compassion and detachment.”

 In this sense, the speaker is a philosopher of the workplace, of the marketplace (the agora) and of the community; in this way, the speaker is engaged in public conversations.  It was in the marketplace – the Agora of Athens – that Western philosophy was birthed, whose nurse-maid was Socrates.

 One of the great hallmarks of philosophy is that it is less mindful and respectful of traditions as opposed to Law.  Every philosopher seeks new grounds of ideas of the mind in the mental universe and called it a system, a philosophy, school of thought or “baptized” it with an ‘ism,’ which is a code for “territory” – a territory of the mind.  Therefore, a philosopher is one who has a sense of adventure, exploration and discovery, a miner of thoughts and ideas.  He goes out to “conquer ideas” and stake it an ‘ism’ and then he defends this new found “mental territory” by arguing about it, usually with his fellow philosophers.

 In this lecture, in the speaker’s attempt to answer the questions:  Why do philosophers argue? How do philosophers argue?  What philosophers argue about? and “What is the purpose of philosophy?  The speaker hopes to paint the broad outlines and evoke flashes of what philosophy is, who is a philosopher and what kind of a “creature” we call “philosopher” through examining certain key divisional aspects of philosophy and philosophers in the history of Western philosophy.

 In the history of philosophy, many binary distinctions have been applied: nominalist/realist; empiricist/rationalist/transcendentalist; materialist/idealist.  There are, of course, giants in philosophy such as Kant who straddled the divisions, but these divisions have not been removed.  One of the dualisms which runs deeply through philosophy’s history is that between a view of philosophy which sees its task is to understand the use of concepts and the meaning of words, and a view of philosophy which sees its task is to understand the world and the good life. 

 The speaker contends that it is the business of philosophers to argue, debate and to tease or force out the fundamental truths that Nature continues to guard jealously and to engage in public conversations.   Philosophers like to poke their noses not just at people but also at Nature.

Ipoh, 1936

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This picture was taken from a postcard, which was sent in 1936. Of course, this may not be the exact year the picture was taken. What drew my attention to the picture was the person sitting on the river bank – wonder if he/she was fishing…or simply appreciating nature?

A Throwback To The First Election

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After a history-making election, here’s a throwback to the first general election that took place in 1955. The photograph above is that of a Bomoh in Pasir Salak, who with his sheep’s head and other paraphernalia of his trade, keeping the crowd in suspense.

A Little Effort Required…

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Manufactured by Shibata Industrial Co. Ltd and distributed by Taiwo Trading (Penang) likely before Independence, this manual paddy treadle thresher definitely requires a bit of effort or footwork to say the least. Those who have used threshers like these will tell you it’s no easy task. Have you had to work for your meals (literally) in the past?

The Story of Nephew

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A book written by Lee Weng Onn and published in 2006 is the story of Nephew and the FMS Bar & Restaurant. To all those who used to frequent the FMS Bar & Restaurant I’m sure you’ll remember Nephew, the barman well. Do share with us, what’s your fondest memory of Nephew and the FMS bar.

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