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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

We have here the PCADA String Orchestra. Do you remember them? Perhaps they performed for the public (something like our Malaysian Philharmonic althouh a little smaller)? What’s become of them now?

  1. Alan Chow says:

    According to my elders, this picture was taken around the British Military Administration time when the Perak Chinese Amateur Dramatic Assoc. revived its Chinese Orchestra just after the surrender of the Japanese Army in 1945 to celebrate its annual(40th?)anniversary. The band also played in charity events and public celebrations. I think most if not all of its members had passed away. Seated second from left is Dato Wo Ka Lim who later become its Vice President. Dato Woo was also later the President of the Malaysia All Chinese Miner Association. In the centre, playing the ‘bangu’ or wood drum is Mr. Ma So @ Ma Yue Loong who was a leader in the PCADA Menglembu Branch. At the extreme right is Mr. Moo Kam Teng who was also one of the founders of PCADA. On his right is Mr. Fan Heng Loong. The PCADA should celebrate its 107th anniversay this year 2012!

  2. ika says:

    Alan, that’s great information and thank you for sharing it with us. Let’s hope others have access to such information. We need all the help we can get!

  3. woo soon poh says:

    No, i have to look for it. After moving from ipoh everything is misplace!I still remember a photo of gra ndpa shaking hands with Tunku Abdul Rahman!

  4. ika says:

    Soon Poh, please do search for them because such events are important to form an overall view of Ipoh and its history. Once you have found them please scan at 600dpi and email to info@ipohworld.org please. Thank you in anticipation.

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