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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

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Today, we’re featuring the Form 5 Class of 1966 – from Ave Maria Convent, Ipoh.

Do you recognise them? Are YOU in this group? I’m sure we have some former students reading this 🙂

  1. Sofia says:

    Although this was before my time, the nuns and several of the teachers were still there when I joined the Comvent School. As far as I can remember, the teacher sitting on the far left of the picture was Ms Ling.

    Then, counting from the right, I think No 1 is Sister John, No 6 is Ms Choy sitting next to Rev Mother (name?) (No 7). No 8 is Sister Thomas.

    The only girl I recognise is Ms Chong who is standing on the far left, back row.

    It was a long time ago!

  2. S.Y. Lee says:

    Seated next to Ms. Choy is my sister Ms Lee May Lin (No. 5 from the right). No. 9 from the right is Cik Norlia (I think that was her name) and No. 10 from the right is Ms. Ooi. They were my sisters good friends and used to come to our house. I think the person on the far left is Mrs. Ling, not Ms Ling. She is married to Mr. Ling, whom I know also

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