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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

This was sent to us some time ago by Sybil de Roquigny-Iragne. I must say, those shop houses in the background seem familiar! Recognise them?

On a different note, taking a break and relaxing (like the youths in the picture) at parks/open spaces in Ipoh was once a luxury…..sadly, some of our parks/gardens are now disappearing….. 🙁

  1. Stex says:

    Mmnnn.. Trees in the middle of the street? Could this be the side street of Ruby cinema … (between Cowan St, & Osborne St. )..???

  2. Sybil says:

    My father photographed on the left played hockey and football for Perak, so it would be that they were watching a football or hockey match after the Japanese occupation. My mother in a floral samfoo used to live at 8 Clayton Road, a road perpendular to the FMS Hotel. The park,therefore, would probably be the Ipoh Padang where the Leong siblings spent most of their time with their friends on week ends. Whether the road behind them was Clayton Road (the houses have since been demolished) or the houses next to the FMS Hotel, I am unable to confirm.

  3. AHLAI says:

    Do you notice the bicycle behind the girl on the right is a lady-model bicycle? My sister rode on one such bicycle. The lady-model did not have a horizontal strut as found in most bicycles.

  4. Steven Lee says:

    Just venturing a guess. The row of shophouses at the back may be where one corner now is Old Towm Kopitiam, opposite MBI offices. They face the Ipoh Padang.

  5. Sybil says:

    I just had confirmation from my mother after she had seen the photo I sent her that it was taken on the side of the Padang opposite St. Michael’s School. She said that there were law offices in the background and it was Hale Street.

    In fact the lady she was talking to lived in one of the houses above the law offices. Her mother was one of the lawyer’s second wife.

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