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We have here a 1966 class photo from the National Type Primary School of Jalan Pasir Puteh (NTPS JPP). Our donor, Rosebud, told us that Chan Wan Seong (featured in a previous blog – ‘Badminton Hero from Ipoh’) can be seen standing in the back row, 6th from the left.

Can you spot anyone else in this photo? Perhaps one of you might have been in this photo too….. 😉

  1. LMS136 says:

    Hi Rosebud,

    This is a good and clear picture, taken closer up than the ones I have participated in or have seen.
    Mr Baghwan Singh, the HM cuts a prominent figure and the image of the teacher is a very familiar one to me but I can’t recall her name. Was the photo taken in front of the tuck shop or was it in front of a classroom. Anyway, this was after my time there.

    This is the 3rd day of posting and yet there isn’t even a comment. Can’t be that all your classmates have migrated, more likely that they are not very aware of ipohWorld.

    Perhaps you may wish to name your classmates in the expectation that existing readers who know some of them , at least by name, may alert them and draw them to this site.

  2. rosebud says:

    After std 6, a third went to LSS Sg Pari, a third including Chan Wan Seong to ASI & the balance to other LSS.Form teacher is Mrs Chong Wai Yoong. Seated beside her on her right is Chan Yew Kai-he’s the brainiest one.
    Back row from left : 3rd-Loke Chun Cheong, 4th-Lee Wai Hoong, 6th-Chan Wan Seong,7th-Srinivasan, 8th-Leong Siew Choy& 10th-Teoh Hock Lim

    Middle row from left : 3rd-Foong Kah Loong,6th- Rashidi,9th-Chow Chun Kwan,10th-Ng See Bun

    Front row from left : 1st-Eddy Siow[a S’porean],3rd-Loong Seow Phang,6th-Chung Yoke Meng[the pieman in Ole King Cole] 8th-Md Quari,9th-Kwan Fatt Shoon[another S’porean],11th-Chew Kok Keong & 12th-Md Alias

    The rest I cant remember. Its been 45 years but some of the names just stick on me. C’mon you guys from 1966 Std 6A NTPS JPP, come out of the woodwork to say hello.

  3. LMS136 says:

    Years ago, in Sibu, I came across one, Teoh Hock Lim who used to live in Pasir Puteh, Ipoh.

    Recently, I met one of his Sibu neighbours who gave me his mobile number. He now lives
    and works in KL. When I get through to him, I will refer him to this posting should he confirm
    that he was in this class.

  4. sk says:

    Hi Rosebud & LMS 136,

    Cant seem to locate you, Rosebud.
    Thanks for the photo.
    You mentioned you have another one
    on the concert. Can you post that one too.

    Was very busy lately & so must have the others,
    Mano, Chu Kheng, Wan Seong ( now in London playing his hearts out ).

    Wll steal some time later.


  5. Toman says:

    Hi Rosebud, I’m Teoh Hock Lim….reporting Sir!!! Thanks to LMS136 who took the trouble to contact me. I’ve been thinking of all my classmates, & how to locate them. Never never no time for this hahaha. Hope to catch up with most if not all.

  6. rosebud says:

    SK- I lost my one & only copy of 1964 NTPS JPP magazine back in early 90s. Inside was a photo of the OKC concert where my face was clearly seen. There were no scanners then & have been kicking myself ever since over the loss. Mrs Hew Chai Kee was interviewed in Star last month at the Kampung Boy play. Shes in her 80s & still living in Canning Gdn.Can someone get hold of her. Maybe she still have many things to show & tell before its all forgotten & lost.As for me, I am a very shy & private person. I do not even have a FB account.
    LMS 136-
    Thanks for locating Teoh Hock Lim. In the 60s,his family used to own a mom & pop provision shop at Kampar Rd opp MGS.I hope he joins us here. Both you guys are all heart & its my pleasure knowing you both. One day I hope we can meet. Right now I still dont have time to stop to smell the roses.

  7. LMS136 says:

    Hi Rosebud,

    The pleasure is mine.

    Hock Lim says you are absolutely right in your recollection that his parents used to operate a sundry shop opposite MGS. He will try to resurrect some old photos and join you soon on this site.

    He is now based in Malacca and his responsibilities take him to Johore which is very close to where you are. He would like to pass his mobile number to you to re-establish contact. As I have his permission, I will be happy to relay the number through ika/ felicia if you wish to have it.

  8. Mano says:

    Hello Rosebud, LMS136 and to all the rest!

    As busy I may be, I do look up Ipohworld every now and then. Sorry guys but I was in Std V in 1966 and do not recall, apart from the HM, anyone in the picture.
    However, I will redouble my efforts to get hold of those old pictures from my sister’s place. I’m quite certain there are some taken of the OKC Concert. Hopefully, Rosebud, you are in it!

  9. rosebud says:

    Thanks for yr kind gesture. I think for the time being let Hock Lim respond & join us here. Outstation calls can be costly.

  10. rosebud says:

    Hi Toman aka Hock Lim
    Great to hear from you. Long time no see, 45years to be exact.I remember you can speak Hokkien & as a 12 year old in Cantonese Ipoh, I was amazed at how you could manage it.After std 6, where did you go? A third of our class & I went to LSS Sg Pari. Hope to hear more from you & hopefully others from our class.

  11. Toman says:

    Hi HI Rosebud, I’m really lost for words when LMS136 contacted me. My wish was granted.Now hope to expand on it ie to get to be in contact with more of our pals. I knew that I may be able to get ‘connected’ via the web but I really forgot most of the names. The photo does rekindle some of the names. It’s a long & interesting 45 years. Let me get my composure properly first before I share with you & others. I’ll be travelling on Wednesday & be back month end. I’ll post more then. Meanwhile cherrio & take care.(I’m one of those who went to LSS Sg, Pari….Remember the Spykermans, Mr Loke, Mr Ang? Mr Wong Swee Peng the muscle man teacher?)hahahaha

  12. sk says:

    Hi, Rosebud,
    You mentioned Mrs Hew Chai Kee was interviewed in The Star. Please let me know which date before it goes to
    the newspaper man.

  13. sk says:

    Hi Rosebud,

    Ignore my message. Have found Mrs Hew Chai Kee


    Tuesday April 5, 2011
    Royal presence for Kampung Boy

    THE comical take on the life of Datuk Mohd Noor Khalid (left), better known as Lat in ‘Lat Kampung Boy The Musical’ at its final show in Istana Budaya was graced by Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah.

    The royal guest later posed for a photograph with Mohd Noor and his wife Datin Faezah Ahmad (right) and Moira Hew Chai Kee, his former teacher.

    The picture could not appear here but if you go to the link.
    you can view it.

    Mrs Hew Chai Kee, if you are in Ipoh world, hi, its a long long time.
    I am still keeping your post card which you send to me in 1966
    from Paris and hope you can keep in touch if you can give me your contact/email via Ipoh world.

    Thanks, Mrs Hew Chai Kee for being my Standard Six teacher

    Wish you all the best.

  14. rosebud says:

    Toman – I wish to contact you by email in private.I still hv our class photos taken in ’62 & ’63. If you want them, I can send them to you. I will arrange with admin to avail my email address to you.

    SK- I hope Mrs Hew still remembers you.She’s in her 80s you know. Where else in M’sia can one find a nondescript little town school that can produce generals,cartoonist whose cartoons are made into a musical,world class badminton players etc & other world shakers. If only someone here can come up with the school magazine from the 60s. My greatest wish is to show all here how the glamourous teacher, Mdm Yeoh Chow Yung Yu looks like. So many of us back then as little boys have finally confessed here to have crushes on her, she must indeed be someone special.

  15. HomesickforIpoh says:

    I posted this question before in a different posting but didn’t
    get any feedback and so I ask again out of curiousity.

    Did NTPS Pasir Puteh require boys to take off their shirts and shoes for PE?

    I know of NTPS Cator Avenue and SMJK Jalan Silibin which is a
    co-ed school that required boys to take off their shirts for PE.

    I am one of the few who are uncomfortable with that requirement.

    In America, there is OSHA (Occupational and safety hazard) laws
    that require shoes to be worn at all times on the job and in
    schools. When plumbers or contractors go into Asian homes
    that take off their shoes, these workers would wear plastic
    booties on top of their shoes instead of taking off the shoes.

    As for shirts, not everyone is comfortable about showing off their

    Whether in a co-ed school whereby I have observed girls and
    female teachers stealing furtive glances at the boys or in
    a boys schools that a handful of gay boys admiring other boys,
    I find the whole idea of taking off the shirts very uncomfortable.

    Why can’t the allow the boys `to wear a t-shirt and then
    change after they seat?

    I thank you all in anticipation for your opinions.

  16. sk says:

    Hi Homesickfor Ipoh,
    Coming to think of it, yes, we did take off our shirts during PE
    but I cant remember taking off our shoes, maybe.
    That time we wore inner singlets.
    Maybe that was done so that we dont soil our shirts & shoes.
    Where did you post. Maybe I missed it.

  17. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Hi SK,

    Thanks for the reply. I posted the question in “Episode 5 – Schooling in Ipoh” under comments #15, 16, 17.

    Yes, you got that right about not soiling our shirts and shoes.

    But why is it that in so many schools, even when the boys bring
    a t-shirt to change for PE and then after PE, change back to
    the regular shirt that teachers still do not allow it?

    That’s what athletes and students (both boys and girls) do in the

    Back in those days in Ipoh, homosexuality (gay) was not
    acknowledged. But still in co-ed schools like SMJK Jalan Silibin,
    I have observed a few female teachers and students and a handful
    gay boys taking furtive glances at the shirtless boys.

    I noticed the same thing for the lower forms in Anderson school
    whereby form 6 girls and some female teachers furtively stealing
    glances at the boys.

    I even remembered a few gay boys who would walk around the
    corridors deliberately to take glances at certain shirtless boys
    when they take off their shirts in the classroom.

    Why don’t they allow the boys to change in the restrooms (or lavatory as the term for bathrooms as used in Malaysia)?

    Yes, it is good for the male ego but I personally feel
    uncomfortable when teachers force the more shy boys to expose
    their bodies against their will.

    Ika has mentioned that he is surprised at such practice too.

    So, is this practice of requiring boys to take off their shirts
    unique to Malaysia?

    I think they should change this practice by allowing boys to
    go to the locker room (or bathroom or lavatory) and change into
    t-shirts for PE and then change back to regular shirts for class.

  18. sk says:

    Hi Homesickfor Ipoh,

    It never cross my mind your observation as I was all the time
    in the Boy’s school. We were not that observant.

  19. superyusrie says:

    I am an Anderson old boy. Strange that HomesickforIpoh mention about PE students having to take off their shirts, cause I don’t remember having to do that during my time. We did have to take off our shirts & shoes in primary schools for PE lessons at the Padang but certainly not in the secondary schools, either co-ed or all boys.

    Anyways, PE lessons was such a welcome period for primary school boys, no unwelcome glances if any would have mattered. 🙂

  20. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Hi Superyusrie,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Primary School:
    Yes, that’s exactly what some people are uncomfortable about.
    One never knows what one might step on. So it is a safety issue
    that we keep our shoes on. Also, not everyone is comfortable
    exposing their bodies and that doesn’t mean they are sissies.

    Secondary school:
    SMJK Jalan Silibin which is a co-ed secondary school did require
    boys to take off their shirts for PE.
    As for Anderson, I am unsure which class or teacher taught you PE
    but for some others in the lower forms, they do require boys to
    take off their shirts.

    The requirement of taking off one’s shirts is the most ridiculous
    I have seen. In America, all athletes play with their shirts
    and shoes on. The only exception is wrestling but they still keep
    their shoes on.

    Maybe you were not paying attention or it didn’t matter to you.
    Regardless, it is human to have a basic sense of admiration,
    attraction and fantasy.

    In Malaysia, such feelings are more repressed due to cultural,
    religious and moral regulations.

    But in America, these feelings are not repressed.
    That’s why they are so many women going to watch “male strippers”
    or “Chippendales” and many do come home with wild fantasies for

    Yes, it is good for the male ego to have someone admire their
    hunky shirtless bodies. But in a school, I feel that it is
    an inappropriate environment to draw attention to quiet and
    “furtive stealing of glances”. I say “furtive” because many
    females or gay boys just do not admit it that they admire or
    are attracted to attractive male bodies.
    It would be unprofessional for anyone to admit it in schools.

    I am glad Malaysia has high values and that cases of female
    teachers seducing a student has not yet happened to my knowledge.

    But in America, they have been numerous cases such as the case
    of Mary Kay Letourneau who in 1989 seduced a 13 year old

    In Malaysia, I only know of one Chinese teacher who married
    her student after he grew up.
    These are the types of attraction many feel uncomfortable about.

    That’s why in America, they have laws that prohibit teachers
    and professors from dating their students. Lawyers and counsellors are equally prohibited from dating their clients
    until long after the attorney/client or counsellor/client
    relationship is over.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your experiences.

  21. Toman says:

    Hi Rosebud,
    Great to have those photos. I’ll search for my album (not sure of getting them as I’ve moved to many towns…Kedah, Kuching, Sibu, Malacca, Selangor & now Melaka again hahah)so that I can get some of them posted for everyone’s pleasure. I’ve just return from my travelling (laptops not allowed to follow me hehehe) & will sign in soon. Thank you ika. BTW Rosebud, you mentioned about meeting up but also that you’ve no time to smell the grass hahaha. Better make it quick as time flies. I remember a saying about not postponing to another day what we can do today for tomorrow may never come. hahahaha

  22. Loong Seow Phang says:

    Hello this is Loong SP here.

    I recall there is the Ng Kam Pai and Ng Kam Fai boys. Ms Chong Wai Yoong alway teased that they may be brothers. I thing Wong Pang Nam was in this class and his parent used to run a shop opposite “TAI WAH” cinema.

    Wong Ket Foh (have his name correct?) used to live in Kuan Woh Yuen, could be in this class too and I believe he is in New Zealand.

  23. rosebud says:

    Hi Loong Seow Phang,
    Thanks for joining in.I remember you & those guys you named. Your family runs a coffee shop at Jln Bendahara, Wah San I think. Can u contact me privately by email. My email address is with Admin. Teoh Hock Lim & I are in contact & I’m sure he will like to hear from you too.Other ex-Std 6A 1966 NTPS JPP dont just sit on the fence, come on in.

  24. Loong Seow Phang says:

    Hello Toman, Rosebud,

    Looking at the photo again, Top from left #9 is Wong Pang Nam. Front Row, left #7 is Ng Kam Pai.

    The other I had named is not Wong Ket Foh but Yong Ket Foh. The last time I met him he mentioned that he is in NEW ZEALAND.

    Front #10 left… cannot recall his name and I understood he is in Singapore “police force”.

    Sure would like to contact you. Please advise.

  25. SB Ng says:

    Happy morning Rosebud, LMS136, Teoh Hock Lim, Loong Seow Phang

    This is NG SEE BUN from NTPS Jln Pasir Puteh Std 6A 1966. I have chanced upon to notice the class photo in FB this morning. That photo was taken in 1966. I noticed that Rosebud can still remember my name. I have not seen Seow Phang for 45 years and Hock Lim since my days in MBf. After 45 years, I am still in friendship with Chan Yew Kai, Cheah Tik Wah, Mohd Alias and Chan Yew Seng, as we continued our lives in the same secondary school – ACS Ipoh.

    I am keen to find out who is Rosebud and LMS136. If we can cast our net wide enough, I would love to meet up as many primary classmates as possible, maybe over a lunch or dinner in KL or Ipoh. Please pass their contact no / email, etc to me. Better still, we can be friends in FB. My FB page is See Bun Ng.

    I have been attending the ACS Ipoh Reunion Dinners for the past few years. Personally, I have lived in KL since 1975.

    Sincerely, SEE BUN

  26. rosebud says:

    Mr Ng See Bun – Good to hear from you. Long time no see, 46 years to be exact. We were little boys once but now we are middle aged.I remembered you could draw very well. Admin has my email so you can get it from them. Do keep in touch. Cheers

  27. LMS136 says:

    See Bun,

    Thanks for being curious about our identity.

    You attended NTPS JPP, you attend the ACS Ipoh Alumni Reunion Dinners regularly nd you live in KL. Good on you! Please contact ika / Felicia for my email address.

    Will catch up soon.

  28. ika says:

    If you want us to pass your email to another reader please ask us to do so via info@ipohworld as that is much easier for us to keep control and act promptly. Thanks.

  29. SB Ng says:

    Rosebud, LMS136, we were young lads then. I do meet up with some of our old classmates, especially those from NTSP JPP + ACS Ipoh. Last year, we have a private dinner with over 60 ex-ACS from 1972/74. As we catch up in our age, early friendship does take a more prominent role.

  30. Wong Pang Nam says:

    Hi guys

    This is Wong Pang Nam. Got to read See Bun’s email this morning and so here I am. Hey Seow Phang not bad still can remember me. I guess our dads are in the same business so that something in common must have bonded our mind. Hock Lim I used to go to your shop and we go tuition in Housing Trust. You and I also played badminton for the school but I guess Wan Seong progress while myself just dropped out. Did your game moved further? Met Wan Seong some years back while he was with AMMB.

    So Seow Phang where are you now?The guy sitting on the other side is Teh Kee Hong. His got a nickname then but I wont mention it here.Something to do with a fighting fish. KAKAAKA does that ring a bell? The guy standing on the other side of me is Leong Siew Choy. remember now?


  31. Cheah Tik Wah says:

    Wow, a lot of names are coming back to my mind now! The only classmate with me in the photo all the way to Upper Six in ACS is Yong Ket Foh; though some like Yew Kai was in another class. Loke Chun Cheong also has a nickname; where is he now? He used to stay in a shophouse hair dressing salon in Jalan Pasir Puteh. I saw Hock Lim many years ago; probably in early 80s when he was working with Public Bank in Jalan Yang Kalsom – if I had spelt it correctly.

  32. Casey Ng says:

    Hello fellow classmates,

    Amazing to discover this photo after over 40 years! Just found out this link through Tik Wah. Wow, was just wondering where have all the “roses” of JPP 6A gone!
    I am standing in the middle row–4th from left (with tilted head) and went on to Sg Pari & ACS eventually. Cheah Tik Wah–1st standing row-2nd from left; Chan Weng Keong–1st row standing–2nd from right; Wong King(?) Hong–middle row standing–1st from left with Chan Yew Seng–next to him, and Ng Kim Fei (cousin of Lee Wai Hoong?)–last row standing-1st from left. Please contact me via email.

  33. Richard Lee Wai Hoong says:

    I tried to leave a message but not successful. If this goes through, I will post further news and photos.

  34. Richard Lee Wai Hoong says:

    Wow, it’s gone through. Now, can someone tell me how to post photos on this site. I guess I have to go through the site manager. Having found Hock Lim on Fb and met See Bun too, I am also written to Casey Ng. It was indeed a pleasant surprise when I first saw this class VIA photo. At first I couldnt even recognise myself. It brought much memories of some of the characters in that class. Since then, my sister dug up some old photos and I found several from Pasir Puteh Primary and a couple from Sungei Parit. But I dont have any from ACS.
    I left for nursing in London 1973 and I have settled here with my family of 4. After nearly 40years of working here, I am now retired. I do come back to Msia twice a year and would love to catch up with old school mates. Please email me or find me on Fb. richardlee2121@hotmail.com I am now back in London. Next coming to Msia probably late Sept or mid Oct.

  35. ika says:

    I am afraid that you cannot post photos on this site but if you can send me good scans (preferably at 600dpi, but 300dpi will suffice), then I shall be happy to share them with our readers. Scans may be sent to info@ipohworld.org.

  36. Madi says:

    I studied in ACS Ipoh from 1956 to 1968; Primary 1 to Upper 6. Yes, most PE teachers made us take off our shirts and shoes during PE. We wore the shoes only for cross country runs although a few still preferred to run bare footed. I did not think being bare chested during the PE sessions was sexy. When there were so many bare chested boys running around it was nothing special. The main idea was to keep our uniform neater when we were in the classroom and the shoes as white as possible. It was a common sight to see school going kids to take of the shoes after school if it was raining and walk bare footed so that they have dry shoes the next day for school. The average student might only have a pair of school shoes. Fung Keong was a popular brand and having a Bata badminton master where the sole is green in colour was THE THING. I played in the primary school football team and no one was allowed to wear boots as the majority of the players did not own a pair of football boots. Only in the secondary school we wore football boots. Mah Wah boots, hand made by a cobbler near the Hugh Low Street bridge was the favorite.
    During our time we carried our books in school bags which were actually school rattan baskets.

  37. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Hi Madi,

    Thank god I now live in a country where safety is an important
    thing. People only take off shoes inside the house for
    cleanliness reasons. We are taught here not to be barefeet
    outside whether at the beach or wherever.

    Even for utility workers (phone, plumbers, contractors etc),
    they wear clean plastic boots outside of their shoes when
    entering a clean house for safety reasons.

    That is the law here in the US and it is called OSHA
    (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and all
    workers have to keep their shoes on in order for insurance
    to consider your case if there are injuries.

    As for taking shirts off, all boys and girls in school
    change into some form of exercise t-shirt for PE or at the
    gym so that their regular clothes or uniform stay neat.

    I am sorry I find the custom of making boys take off their
    shirt the most BIZZARE custom in Malaysia.

    I am a female and I would not approve of my sons taking
    off their shirts like that in public. Maybe because
    this is America and the teenage boys are by far more
    muscular and studly looking than the teenage boys in
    Malaysia of yeseteryear.

    They want to avoid undue attention from female teachers
    which in America have been notorious of hitting on young
    boys, avoid unwanted attraction from females and gay boys
    as well.

    Sorry, that I feel such customs of making boys take off
    their shirts for PE some kind unwarranted exposure that
    too many people here are UNcomfortable unless the motive
    is for sexual attraction type reasons.

    Again, I repeat, it’s BIZZARE requirements of teachers
    asking for that.

    I wonder if the school boys of today still have to take
    off their shirts for PE? Hmm, no thanks to my teenage sons.
    Even as a female, I feel uncomfotable having my teenage sons
    do that.

  38. Loong SP says:

    Dear Homesick for Ipoh,

    I remember that wear singlet or taking of the shirt is the norm during PE for boys. In our hot humid weather all year round. It was a ALL BOYS SCHOOL then. The classroom have no AC. The class was pack up to 40 KIDS like me who use to spent time in class READING COMIC BEHIND a text box. A primary school group with up to 6A-6F….. Each class of about 24 feet X 24 feet room had a measly ceiling fan smack in the front section of the class. The cream of the class sit in front and I was alway stuck at the very back row. Stealing and eating kachang putih after recess break. In between sweating it out at the back row of the class. I would sneak out and quench my thirst and hunger filling my stomach with water at the SCHOOL GARDEN WATER TAP……… Not enought pocket money for food ……

    Mrs Chong Wai Yoong used to Teach Standard 1 Class B English and I still have that book. It goes like that for primary school. A MAN,A PAN. THIS IS A MAN AND THIS IS A PAN …. published by OXFORD ENGLISH PRESS………. I think ???

    She continue to be my form teacher from STANDARD 2A-6A. From thereon she move to SUNGAI PARI where I did my FORM 1-3. For some unknown reason I am dead scared of her. I guess I must have been an extremely noisy kid in the class from PRIMARY 1 to 6?

    You can just imagine what the 40 kids sweat will be like in a class of after PE if each does not change. Clothing were expensive then. Wages was low and ……… having a car was a rich man. Riding a motobike is a well to do man…. Peddling a bicyle is the norm and I had my bicyle stolen while I was in ACS school………..

    I enjoy taking of the shirt and enjoy a game of chasing football especially in the rain. However I am a lousy football player ….

    Time had changed in MALAYSIA school boys and Girls now have PE in long pants and TEE shirt. In this hot humid climate ……..

  39. Y C says:

    Please help.

    Recently, my good friend discovered he was ‘given’ to another family soon after birth.
    His biological parents were from Jelapang, a village on the north west of Ipoh.
    This happened in September 1948.
    The questions, he was born in Ipoh (the infant, Lee xx was born on Minguo 37th year (1948) September 2nd 1948 at 6pm) at Ipoh General Hospital or at?
    His biological father’s name is LEE Si 李四. Is he alive? Anyone know of his biological mother? Has he any siblings?
    His birth was registered by the family that adopted him. There is nothing on the birth certificate to indicate his biological parents.

    This is a task that needs the help of you and you. Thank you.


    Lee XX has given me permission, he is CHO Soo Har
    Your help will fulfill his quest. Ipohworld has my contact details.. Thank you.

  40. Loong Seow Phang says:

    The brainest boy in this class of 1966, Chan Yew Kai, is now DIRECTOR OF DIALOG?? I qualify with ?? Check up DIALOG for his name.

    The WEB photo of this gentlemen in DIALOG web show quite the same.

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