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Remember this group photo? It was taken in 1972, when the Superior General visited St Michael’s Institution. Do you recognise the smiling faces?

We thank Charlie Choong for this photo.


    • Remy Bin Jaafar says:

      Timothy Chee should be there because he made us paint on pieces of cut tree trunk and the best art work would be given to visiting S. General. I painted a batik mural of a kampong lady in sarong but it was not chosen. It was chosen for a school expo in Anderson school in 1973.

  1. Chuah TC says:

    From the school magazine’s (ie. Michaelian 1972) school diary pages:

    – 15th February 1972: The Superior-General of the Brothers Rev. Bro. Charles Henry, arrives. He is accompanied by Bro T. Michael, Bro. Finian and Bro.Ulrick.

    – 18th February 1972: A school reception for Bro. Superior-General, beginning with Mass in the school hall followed by a parade on the school field and later by a lunch attended by Staff, Old Boys and well-wishers.

    The picture above was not published in Michaelian 1972. I believe the picture was made up of Staff, Old Boys and well-wishers, as described above in the entry in the school diary. I have went through the stack of schools magazines that I have and I just can’t identify some faces.

    And sorry, I could not find Mr Timothy Chee anywhere in the picture – likewise for some other teachers who were staff of St Michael’s in 1972.

    Row 3 Standing (L to R) Mr Michael Leong, Mr Thomas Yau Yet San, Mr Michael Foon Voon Chin, Mr Chan Soo Khean, Mr Tan Leng Hong, Bro Michael Wong, Mr Ang Kheong Wah (Clerk), Mr Cheah Soong Cheong, Mr Chan Yat Tong, Mr K. Jayaram Nair, En Mohd Zamberi (Lab Staff), En Shaharuddin (Lab Staff), En Ahmad Zakri (Lab Staff), Mr S. Anthonysamy (Office Boy), Mr Khoo Kay Hock, Mr Thomas Choo, En Mohd Rafaai, Mr Choong Kim Hung, En Abdul Mutalib, En ?, Mr Eugene Almeida, En Abdul Wahab, Mr ?Chong Yau Chin?, Mr Louis Liau, Mr Ngu Buoi Deck, Mr Damien Wong Ming Fook, Mr Ignatius Toh Ah Lek, Mr ?, Mr ?

    Row 2 Standing (L to R) Mr Stephen Ng, Mr Yuen Sze Tuen, Mr Michael Loh Cheng Hai, Mr Lai Sam Ming, Mr Michael Ho Kai Khoon, Mr Chun Weng Kai, Mr Choo Thiam Huat (Chief Clerk), Mr Lee Kah Chee, Mr Tony Teh, Mr Douglas Lim, Mr Tan Seng Wha, Mr Ong Kim Leng, Mr Chin Fah Sam, Mr N.C. Thomas, Encik Noh Kimi, ?, Mr Richard Yong, ?, ?, Mr Wong Kee Fah, Mr Toh Jin Hin, Mr Clement Vytialingam, Mr David Teh Eng Lee, Mr Alan Lee Kon Leong, Mr Theng Khew Tet, Mr ?Choong Kui Lam?.

    Row 1 Standing (L to R) Mr Hor Kam Yoke, Mr Chen Yong Fook, Mr Poon Mun Onn, Miss ?, Miss Kathleen Loke, Mrs Soo Fook How , Miss Jaswant Kaur, Puan ?Noor Shamsi?, Miss Satwant Kaur, Mrs Lee Sin Cheong, Mrs Chow Par Seng, ?, ? ,?, ?, Miss Cheah Kit Ying, Mrs Betty Wong , Ms Mary Chang, Mr Yeap Poay Chong, Mr Lawrence Wong Hup Khean, Mr Louis Ho, Mr John Lee, Mr Eric Gomez, Mr Louis Rodrigues.

    Seated (L to R) Mr Ooi Eu Chong, Mr Michael Toh, Mr Chan Kok Soo, Mr Oh Teik Toh, Mr Chan Hon Yew, Mr Chan Khin Seng, Mr James Alexander, Mr Lee Guan Meng (Head of Science Dept.), Bro Anthony Cheung (Editor of Crusaders magazine), Mr Lee Guan Khew (Headmaster Primary School 2), Dr M.E. Tiruchelvam (Chairman of Boards of Governors and Managers), Bro Finian (Visitor, Christian Brothers’ Schools – Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong), Bro Superior General Charles Henry, Bro T. Michael, Bro Vincent, Bro Casimir, Bro Matthew Liew, Bro Ulrick, Mr Stephen Julianose, Mrs Jane Julianose, Bro John Climacus Toh, Encik ?, Mr Choo Joo Keat, Mr Clement Manikam, Bro Lucian Ng, Bro Wilfrid Netto.

    • s.h. lim says:

      i’ll try to solve your question marks. 1) row 1 l-r mr. poon mun onn, miss choo jee jong (the sister of mr. choo joo keat)stop. mrs chow par seng, pn nafisah ahmad kutty, ?,? (sunglasses), miss mary chang (you placed her wrongly too far right), cheah ky, mrs betty wong, (maybe) misss elizabeth anne chan.stop. row standing after ignatius toh are two temporary teachers (ex-students)

      • Chuah TC says:

        I think you are right with Miss Mary Chang. She appears to be wearing the same dress in the class photo of Form 1A5 in Michaelian 1972 as in the picture above. The hair parting and hair style is a match too.

        However, I am not too sure about the identity of the other 2 ladies.

        Ms Choo Jee Jong always has that certain seriousness in her looks, even when she is smiling. I’ve looked through a few old Michaelian school magazines but unfortunately the person in the picture above does not look like her. Also the hair style does not match.

        But thanks for telling us about her link with Mr Choo Joo Keat. I didn’t know that.

  2. Chuah TC says:

    Kamy Suria,
    I think you are right.

    Mr Oh Teik Toh was one of the coaches in the Michaelian Judo Society. St Michael’s school magazine interviewed him last year.

  3. KHLoh says:

    Love these old pics but it saddens me because most have passed on. They were so young once upon a time, so many youthful activities then.
    Time flies so fast from baby to toddler to teenager to adult n subsequently to elderly, n eternal.
    Till all meet again eh ..

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