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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

May 2019

“To Sir with Love”

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No, we’re not talking about the movie 😉 We’re actually dedicating today’s post to a well-known and well-loved educator. I’m sure most of you will recognise him from the photograph. 

Happy belated Teacher’s Day…to ALL those dedicated men and women who made us who we are today!

January 2018

October 2013

December 2010

SMI – Std 6 D, from 1969

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After ‘reuniting’ those from ACS, Anderson and NTPS Pasir Puteh……we’re now calling out to the “Sons of St Michael’s Institution ” !

Here we have Std. 6 D, all the way from 1969. Come on, Michaelians….don’t be shy. We KNOW some of you out there might have been in this class. Do point yourselves out…and maybe tell us about your fellow classmates too 🙂

February 2010

SMI Arts – A Pop Group and Form 5?

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Nobody could tell us about an earlier Ipoh band – The Red Crane, but this might be easier. Known as “Unit 6-2” they are from left to right, Richard, Aziz, Yahaya and Richard. The date is around 1966 and they are all from SMI. Richard on the left is probably Leong Kai Loong, but who are the others and where are they now?

From the same source came this second picture. We believe it is Form 5 Arts 1965 and that the same Leong Kai Loong is second from the left in the back row. But who else is there? One thing unusual is there is no La Sallian brother pictured. Why would that be?

December 2009

SMI – A Page from the Past!

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With a little prompting from Ignatius Chiew, we’ve decided to publish this class photograph from one of Ipoh’s famous boys’ school – St Michael’s Institution.

Again, we are not too familiar with the year or the people. But from what we know, seated in the front (from left to right) are:
the late Mr. Julianose (2nd from left), the late Mr. Lee Guan Meng, Bro. Vincent, Bro Pius (Director), the late Mr. Lim Kean Hooi (3rd from right), and Mrs. Ooi Eu Chong (extreme right).

Anyone remember the rest (teachers and/or students)? We would be pleased to hear from you. Nothing like reminiscing about ones school days!

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