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September 2013

Life in the Fishing Village

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This picture is from Keith Nelson’s collection. It’s not Ipoh, but we thought we’d share it with you all the same. Perhaps, someone out there grew up in or visited a fishing village. We’d love to read about your experiences 🙂


Spot the antique!

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Although this picture was not taken in Ipoh, we’d like to share it with all of you anyway. Can you spot the antique typewriter? Anyone care to guess what model it is? Did any of you own such a model before? Have a good, long look… 🙂

The Chinese Opera

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We’ve heard about and have even watched many famous operas. To some fans, it doesn’t matter what if said operas were not in English!

Today, we’d like to know if any of you remember the Chinese Operas. From what we know, they began in Ipoh when Yau Tet Shin built the New Town Complex in 1907.

Those who watched them (and probably took part in them too?), we’d like to hear from you 🙂

The Boys of Cator Avenue!

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Yes, folks…this seems to be the Standard 3 Class of Cator Avenue School. Do you see yourself in the photograph? Do you remember your class teacher’s name? Was he a much feared, strict man…or a warm friendly mentor? Be it fond or horrific, we welcome all sorts of recollections – and we’d also like to know a little bit about the history of this school too (if you can recall).

MORE Scenes from Brewster Road

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john macauley005i

One look and most of you can already guess what this iconic building is. Of course, so much has changed now: the small field in front of this cinema is no longer there; instead there’s a row of food stalls. Also, right next to the cinema is one of the entrances of Sam Tet School. Lately, I did notice that there seems to be some construction going on at this very site. Are they restoring/renovating Odeon?

Photograph courtesy of John McAuley, a former serviceman who worked in Malaya in the 1950s.

Remember that time when…

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St Bernadette’s Convent (in Batu Gajah) had a charity event for the victims of the Turkish earthquake? Here’s a photograph to jog your memory (see below)


We were told that this replica of the Malaysian flag was made entirely of JELLY! Can anyone tell us more about this event? Do you recognise the official cutting the jelly?


Happy Malaysia Day, Dear Readers! 🙂

The Pusing Police Station

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We have here a 1951 photograph (courtesy of  the Kinta Valley book) showing the Pusing Police Station. The guard is standing by a protective fence consisting of coconut tree trunks and 50 gallon oil drums!

Anyone here from Pusing town? Do tell us what the police station looks like today 😉

From the Days When Ipoh Had Style

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Blog iverside

Just look at this grand old postcard from  the 1920’s. Recognise the place?

Well I guess most of you will not be able to pin this down, but as the postcard caption shows, it is the People’s Park, Ipoh. Historically the land was gazetted as the ‘People’s Park’, a gift from the government to the people of Ipoh. At the time the land was valued at $70,000 and was used to display a fantastic collection of Chinese plants presented by Yau Tet Shin. The Park was officially opened on the same day as the Birch Memorial Clock Tower was dedicated in 1909.

Today we have what is known as the beautified park, with its red yellow and blue plastic etc. For me I prefer Mother  Historically Nature as it used to be.

What about you?

Now Here’s a Sight for Sore Eyes!

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1968SKCAI (2)


This great old photo came with the following message:

“Picture of me with the team 4x100m relay Cator Avenue school ipoh 1968. Hope my old friends in the picture memory of our history together.

from: Alaudin”.

So come on friends, tell which one is you.  And for those not in the picture, we always love to hear more about your schooldays.

Many thamks to Alaudin for sharing.

Something to remember…

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…and that ‘something’ is none other than the ‘ol Radio & General Trading Co Ltd!


So, what’s happened to this store? Was it taken over by another company? Or, has this row of shop houses been demolished (like the many unfortunate ones around Ipoh Town)?

This photograph was probably taken in the early 60s (but we could be wrong). We’re hoping someone out there could tell us more about Radio & General.

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