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November 2013

Famous Names – B P De Silva

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Ipoh folks have heard (and seen) the De Silva building in Old Town, but not many know about the man himself. Here’s a picture and a short description taken from the book 20th Century Impressions of British Malaya.


Few Eastern jewellers can honestly claim to have received the partonage of royalty as often as Mr B. P. de Silva, of High Street, who numbers amongst his patrons the Duke of Connaught, the King of Siam, and the Sultan of Johore. The business was established in 1860 by Mr Silva’s father. All kinds of precious stones, jewellery of rare and unique design, and silverware in various styles of native workmanship are to be seen at this shop. Mr de Silva also does a considerable import and export trade, and with his large and experienced staff is in a position to execute all kinds of work connected with his business.

Perak’s Famous Water Tower

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Some call it Perak’s version of “The Leaning Tower of Pisa”. I’ve never been there, but from recent pictures it does seem like it’s leaning a little to one side. However, here is an early 1900 picture of the same water tower in Teluk Intan (see below) – and it seems rather STRAIGHT to me πŸ˜‰


So, WHEN did this tower start to lean? We’d like to know MORE about this tower – especially from the Teluk Intan folks!

Picture taken fromΒ  the book 20th Century Impressions of British Malaya.

Have you ever played ‘LUDO’?

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I’ve played it before, although I rarely won (perhaps, there’s a trick in throwing the dice in order to get the right number πŸ˜‰ ) Anyway, LUDO seemed like a popular board game at one time. Then there was MONOPOLY. Wonder what’s the latest popular board game today!

On that note, what was YOUR favourite board game?


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In our previous post, we had a reply from the brother of the pretty lady sitting on the sports car. We now know her as Joan Lau. After some searching, we found a picture of Lawrence Lau (see below).


The caption for the above picture is as follows: “Adrian Boudville looking on, Barry Jansz acting as Time Keeper and Lawrence Lau acting as Starter.”

This was taken on 18th August 1971 at the Ipoh Railway Station. Anyone remember this event?

Fear Of Public Speaking?

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Fret not, the Toastmasters Club is here to help you!


Those interested, please contact the following:

YMCA of Ipoh Toastmasters Club; We meet every 2nd. & 4th. Wednesday at 7:45 pm

Contacts : Pak Peter 019- 574’3572 / Cheah Tong Kim 017 – 487’3980/ Nur Aida Ahmad Nazeri 013 – 363’9490

Favourite Magazine Pin-up?

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The picture may not be that clear, but it’s obvious what it is…yes, even in those days we had pretty girls posing with sports cars!

This was taken from a Triumph Owners’ Club Magazine. The picture is said to be from the 1970s. Can the car lovers out there guess what car this is?


We thank Charlie Choong for lending us the magazine.

‘Voices from Vienna to Broadway’

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To all music lovers out there, keep 16th November 2013 free. Be at Tandoor Grill before 8pm because Perak Society of Performing Arts (PSPA) presents:

PSPA_flyer-web-1 (2)

For further information, please contact the following:

PSPA (05-5487814) or email them at pspaipoh@gmail.com / Musicprints (017-5153612) / City Ballet Sdn Bhd (05-2537114)

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