We thank Ignatius Chew for these pictures – taken at the Anglo-Chinese School (ACS) Ipoh, in the 1930s.

Perhaps Ignatius or any of the other ‘Old Salts’ (as they call themselves) could tell us MORE? 🙂


 Looking forward to your comments!

We did better than just comments for AP(at)IpohBornKid sent us the following picture and words.

Re:ACS 1930s


Dear ACS Old Salts


Having read ACS 1930s and looked at the photos, I suddenly remembered that I am in possession of an 1932 ACS School Certificate Class photo of my late father.  He was in the first standing row fifth from the right.  Would someone bother to comment on the similarities and differences between the photograph already published and the one I just sent.  Can someone name the teachers or the students?


My mother showed Mr Kesselring the photograph and I was immediately accepted to ACS Primary School at the age of 6, one year earlier. The old school tie system always works and what a great British tradition.  Maybe UV@Valiant Knight might be able to explain to us what Form would the School Certificate Class be equivalent to? 


PS:I was born in Ipoh General Hospital , hence the name IpohBornKid.


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