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We’re not encouraging you to take up smoking; we’re just curious to know if any of you remember Lucky Strike Filters ;) Could you buy these tins off the rack at your local grocery store? Or were they sold by the man who rode on a cigarette tricycle?

Should you wish to see a real cigarette tricycle, drop by Sarang Paloh today anytime between 5pm – 9pm. Our exhibition started yesterday and will end on 10th September 2017.

  1. NCK says:

    I don’t mean fags do you no harm, but don’t think you are safe because you don’t puff. I know anti-smoking campaigns have blamed all illnesses on smoking, doctors and researchers have been duty-bound to link smoking to illnesses, and governments have been using this as the reason to raise tobacco tax, as if everyone will live a long and healthy life if they don’t smoke. By my observation, however, there is no difference whether you smoke. I saw non-smokers (with non-smoker spouses and smoke-free work environment) get cancers relatively early at about age 60, smoker husbands live longer than their non-smoker wives, and smokers live well into their dotage without apparent serious illnesses. Besides, my insurance agent told me that 80% of critical illness claimants were non-smokers.

    • NCK says:

      If you want to live long and be sprightly, you have to do more than just not puff. Follow the ways of healthy living – enough exercise and sleep, healthy diets, and good mental health. Not to forget medical checkups. A cancer patient usually finds out they have cancer only when the illness becomes apparent and is in stage 2 or 3, such that the chance of curing is slim.

  2. Mano says:

    It was 1978 and I was in my friend’s pub in SEA Park, PJ, when I approached him for a pack of my usual brand of cigarettes. He instead grabbed something else from under the counter and said,”Here, it’s a sample pack and f.o.c.!” It was a white flip top packet with no markings nor brand. Anyway, cut to the chase, I ended up with laryngitis losing my ability to hit high notes or falsetto ever since. Later on, I found out from my friend that that was a trial pack of Lucky Strike Filters!’Feelin lucky, punk’, you ask?!

  3. NCK says:

    I suppose it wasn’t a stick but the whole unmarked pack that did the work. Once again curiosity didn’t kill the cat. It only killed his falsetto and gave him a sexy baritone or bass in return.

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