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Photograph courtesy of Irene John

Have you ever heard of the Jubilee Transport Company or rode on their buses before? The company was running a bus service from Lumut to Ipoh from 1932 to 1935. Incidentally, an article from The Straits Times dated 24th of July 1937 read “Ipoh To Have New Bus Service. If Transport Board Approves Scheme”,  which is basically about the company requesting approval for a scheme to run a bus service in Ipoh which would expand to Ipoh’s suburbs.

  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear Christopher … Yes, and many thanks to Irene (and ipohWorld) for making the photograph available.

    You can see where the bus is parked: at the Ipoh Railway Station. The service to Lumut was being provided by Irene’s family under contract to the FMS Railways.

    The idea was that if someone wanted to come up from Singapore, say, they could book the entire passage with FMSR, traveling by train from Singapore to Ipoh and then from Ipoh to Lumut via bus.

    Or rather, if you bought a first-class ticket for the trip, FMSR would have a porter, a car, and a chauffeur waiting for you at the Ipoh station; whereas if you had a second- or third-class ticket, they’d drive you to Lumut in the bus.

    There was also an option where you could book the whole bus for a group of up to nine or ten people.

    The trip from Ipoh to Lumut took about four hours. One could stop in Bruas or Sitiawan if one were so inclined.

    NB: Irene’s family may have already been running a service to Lumut before their contract with FMSR. I’m not sure about this; perhaps Irene knows. If you can ask her, perhaps ask also when the photograph was taken. Thanks.

    • Christopher says:

      Hi Ipoh Remembered, that is indeed an interesting piece of info. From what we know, Irene was rather young at the time and is unable to provide us with the information on your query but we are in the process of trying to get more information on the bus company altogether.

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