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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

This little girl is standing by the famous Sultan Yussuf Fountain. This fountain is at a roundabout; which connects Brewster Road, Tambun Road, Gopeng Road and Hugh Low Street. The fountain was donated by the Turf Club, as part of their attempts to beautify Ipoh. The Turf Club also came up with the Japanese Garden – which is along Tambun Road.

  1. KK Foong says:

    From the shape of the fountain that looks like a crown, I am wondering if this fountain was built to commemorate the coronation of King George or Queen Elizabeth. I also wonder if the D R Seenivasagam Park was similarly built to commemorate a coronation. I have not been able to look it up in the internet.

  2. ika says:

    KK, DR Park as we know it today was originally built in 1937 to honour the Coronation of King George VI and so you are quite right. It was later changed in acknowledgement of the leader of the PPP. See http://www.ipohworld.org/search8/result.asp?strid=962

    The fountain on the other hand – full name the Sultan Yussuf Circle Fountain – was gifted to the town by the Perak Turf Club in the very early 1960′s probably completed in 1962) and although we cannot prove it was most likely to honour Sultan Yussuf (who incidentally passed away in 1963). See more at http://www.ipohworld.org/search8/result.asp?strid=2490.

  3. CLHipoh says:

    I remember the fountain inside the roundabout. It was the most beaitiful thing in those days, in the 70′s, my dad used to drive us round and round just to see the lights change from red to green to yellow! so much memories!! in those days, that was the most beautiful fountain in Ipoh.

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