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June 2018

Table Tennis Winners

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picture courtesy of: Haji Musa & family

Yes, those in the leading car in this parade were the Perak State Table Tennis Team. Incidentally, the team won the National Table Tennis Championship back in 1967. The winners went on parade through Hugh Low Street – passing the premises of the Oversea Chinese Banking Corporation. The President of the Perak Association, Towkay Chong Kok Lim (later Tan Sri) was said to be in the leading car. Does anyone remember this parade?

February 2018

Hugh Low Street & Bridge – Then and Now

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Left picture: Tinted photograph from 1950 Right picture: Same bridge and street from 1989 (courtesy of Ngai)

Yes, we’ve featured this famous bridge and street numerous times. But what I’m curious about is the building next to the Lam Looking building. In the tinted photo, it looks like just another shophouse.  In the 1989 photo however, this same building seems to have undergone a massive makeover. Can anyone tell us more about this building?

August 2017

July 2017

December 2016

The way it used to be…

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Looking at this picture (from Lay Jin Chew), I couldn’t help but wonder how much Ipoh’s landscape has changed over the years. Could that bridge (far left) be part of the Hugh Low Bridge, or part of the Birch Bridge? I would also like to draw your attention to the area on the left of the shop houses (other side of the bridge). Any idea what that building is?

September 2015

Tapestry at Sarang Paloh, Ipoh

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Tapestry performs for the first time in Ipoh at the Event Hall of the Sarang Paloh Heritage Hotel. Come experience an evening of songs in this beautiful and striking heritage space.

Friday, 9 October 2015 @ 8:30 PM

Tickets are priced at RM35 (free seating), and can be purchased from Sarang Paloh, and also from our website:


or, you can follow us on Facebook:


June 2015

April 2014

Could THIS be the famous Hugh Low Street Curry Mee?

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In previous blog posts, we’ve had Readers talk about the famous ‘Police Station Curry Mee’. I do wonder if this (Restoran Xin Quan Fang) is the place you guys were talking about.


If you answered yes to the above query, then perhaps you know these gentlemen. [And they in turn will know you as a ‘regular’ and probably also know your order 😉 ]

food2the ‘chef’ and his assistant

food3the final product!

December 2013

October 2013

August 2013

July 2013

Ipoh’s Finest Transport – The Trichair

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New Transport blog

Yes here it is having just passed over the Hugh Low Bridge. Proceeding at a steady, somewhat leisurely, pace, the Trichair turned left and looked as if it was going to the nearby market. The photo was taken around 10.00 am on 23 July 2013 when I overtook them on the bridge and having pulled over sharply, jumped out of my car and caught them with the iPhone. They were totally unfazed with my performance, with the lady lightly gripping the side bars – completely comfortable in her plastic chair. By the time I had got back in my car they had disappeared into the traffic..

With the Trishaw no longer allowed to ply for fares in Ipoh, the Trichair is clearly the way ahead for those who don’t have cars, but I wonder what MBI would say if a few dozen of these hit the streets.

June 2013

The ‘Magnificent’ 7!

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john macauley007d

No, I’m not referring to the famous cowboy series. I’m talking about this row of shops along Hugh Low Street. At present, seven of these shops have been painted according to the seven colours of the rainbow. This picture however was taken back in the 1950s.

We’re not offering any prizes for guessing, but all the same can you name any/or all of  the seven shops in particular?

We thank John McAuley for this picture.

March 2013

An Exhibition NOT to be Missed!

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In June/July 2012, twenty students from University Malaya and the National University of Singapore embarked on a two-week long learning journey…of IPOH!

Their discoveries prompted this much awaited publication – Familiar Spaces, Untold Stories; Encounters with Ipoh – as well as an exhibition. To know more, do visit this exhibition at: Gallery Lim Ko Pi, No.10 Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street), Ipoh. This exhibition will run from 26th February – 10th March 2013; opened daily (except Mondays) from 12.30pm – 4.30pm.

November 2012

Once Upon A Time….

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…such a scene (picture above) was a common sight around Ipoh Town. I never had a pair of striped pajamas, but I do remember (as a child) walking about in cartoon-themed pajamas and bed-hair! This cute picture was sent to us by Ko-chi Wai, who also included this message:

My mum (Lau Siew Hwa), my uncle, and my cousin on the stairs at the side of the Rex Cinema building. On the right one can see the rear part of the row of shop-houses facing Hugh Low St. where my mum’s family stayed in one till late 1990s. One can see the back doors to the shop-houses, as well as the small trap doors at the bottom where the “night soil” buckets were placed. Taken in 1959.

Ipoh’s Uniquely Designed Fountain

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Since this fountain was erected, many Ipoh-ites have posed for pictures at this very roundabout. I suppose it was possible back then when there wasn’t much traffic – imagine doing photo shoots here in this day and age!

And what about those buildings in the background? Any idea what they are?

December 2011

July 2011

June 2011

Soon Yik Goldsmith Shop (and a sample of an old receipt!)

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We have here a picture of the interior of Soon Yik Goldsmith shop. This picture was apprently taken when this famous duo (the lady with a knee length dress and the gentleman in a suit) visited the shop. Do you know these celebrities? I’m sure there’s a little story that goes with this picture – if you know more, we’d like to hear from you! 🙂

Here’s a sample of an old Soon Yik receipt…sent to us by ‘Ipoh Born Kid’

Dear Ipoh Old Timers: 

Re: Soon Yik Tukan Emas in Hugh Low St

My mother bought a jade bracelet from Soon Yik in 1973, nearly 38 years ago. 

My family members used to frequent this store.

Their receipt s clearly described what you bought, how much and who is the person that sold it to you.  I agree with SY Lee that this is a truly honest shop. 




December 2010

News from the Bridge

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A watch tower? Or maybe (yet) another clock tower? I’m sure you’ve noticed this tower, which is still under construction. The question is: Why? We’re clueless ourselves – why build, not 1 but 4, towers along the Hugh Low Bridge? If you have more information on this project, do let us know!

October 2010

The Famous Arch, over the Hugh Low Bridge

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This arch was set up over the Hugh Low Bridge, in Ipoh, somewhere in 1947. This was before the grand parade – which was held in support of the Kuomintang Party (led by General Chiang Kai Shek).

Notice the three flags at the top of the arch: the Perak Flag, the Kuomintang Flag and the Union Jack. To what we know, this parade was jointly sponsored by the Chinese Assembly Hall members and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

How many of you out there remember this arch? Anyone witnessed the parade, or maybe took part in this parade?

Do You Recognise This One?

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Not a very difficult question for you on this bright Monday morning, but of all the grand old buildings in Ipoh that have been torn down, I think this is the one I miss the most.

Fortunately we have this photograph as a memento of what, in my humble opinion, should never have been demolished. But it was – suddenly and without warning – for that is how we do things under Malaysia Boleh. I think it was lost to us in 2002 but I may be wrong. Does anyone know when it was built or have any history about it? More photographs would also be welcome.

Felicia is sick today so some interesting replies would certainly brighten up her day.

August 2010

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

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Looks familiar? To those who (like me) often visit the Hilltop Cafe (the orange building at the far end, right side of the shady tree), you would have noticed these rows of shop houses – particularly the ones on the right of the picture. (Hilltop Cafe is along Hugh Low Street). These shop houses, on Jalan Chung On Siew, were once used in a movie. (see picture below)

This is what the shops looked like, when they were touched up/painted/decorated. This was done to portray a ‘scene in old Shanghai’ – specially for the Ang Lee movie ‘Lust, Caution’. (more about this can be found here)

But alas, these shop houses won’t be able to live up to their ‘fame’ – for they are being torn down!

Has anyone heard anything about this? Maybe someone out there knows what’s going on; and maybe what’s going to be built there once these shop houses go……..

July 2010

Hugh Low Street (Jalan Sultan Iskandar) in the 80s

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Hugh Low Street was once a 2-way street, and a very busy one too…even today! This picture was taken from a postcard, dated 1985. At the far end, just before the bridge, there used to be an arch – it’s not there now, wonder when it was taken down?

Also notice that there were many shops (on either side of the street), selling everything; from jewelry, to groceries, to Chinese herbs – there’s even a Bata shoe store! Anyone remember other famous stores? Have any new ones come up lately?

We look forward to hearing from you, so DO tell us more about this part of Hugh Low Street!

June 2010

The “Lions” of Hugh Low Street…

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This is a front view of No.188, Hugh Low Street – which used to be Ipohgal’s home. The picture was taken by Aaron Ong, who was inspired by Ipohgal’s description of her colourful childhood. The design of this house deserves a special mention – particularly the 2 lions on the roof (see picture below)

Like Ipohgal has mentioned, there are 2 lions on either side of a globe (in the centre). Were the lions part of a certain trademark? Or perhaps a unique ‘signature’ of a famous person? I do wonder if there are anymore of such designs on other buildings around Ipoh – maybe it was part of a series of buildings built by a particular architect! (for instance, the shop houses that Yau Tet Shin built all have a similar design).

We thank Aaron for the pictures, and also Ipohgal for sharing her fond memories with us.

May 2010

天长地久 ……Forever and ever…….

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“To have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.”

 After the Japanese left Malaya in 1945, Dad had wanted to resume with his apprenticeship at the village workshop in Batu Gajah but found it was burnt down. The owner and his entire family were killed by the Japanese soldiers.

He was already 25. So the next step would be to move to Ipoh to start a new life. With RM300 in his pocket, he rented a place and started a coffee shop with his mother and sisters. That was how Nam Foong Coffee Shop at 188 Hugh Low Street began.

As time went by, business began to pick up and he needed an extra pair of hands. It was also time he needed a companion too. So he was looking for two persons rolled in one.

At the same time, Mom was hoping to escape from childhood poverty and a nagging stepmother. She was a young girl of 15 staying in Kampung Kuchai.

Through a match maker, photos were exchanged and a meeting arranged for them. And it turned out to be love at first sight for them both. Months later, they were engaged.

During their courtship they like to stroll along Hugh Low Bridge, People’s Park and Birch Bridge in the evenings. Sometimes they would go to cinema halls to watch a movie or two and to Jubilee Park for amusement. They often took a ride around town in a rickshaw because Dad could not afford to buy a car.

Mom and Dad eventually got married on November 22 1950 immediately after she reached the age of 20. It was a modest wedding attended by family and friends from both sides. A wedding luncheon was held at the Nam Hoi Wui Khun (Nam Hoi Association) along Clare Street.

Like any couples, they had their fair share of quarrels and fights but nothing could rock their strong and solid union. Despite everything, they stayed glued together to weather out all the hardships and obstacles that came their way in raising a large family.

In April 2000, Mom was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. Dad was very devastated. He just broke down and cried. It was almost like his whole world collapsed on him. Knowing her end was very near, he helped me to take loving and tender care of her although he was already 80 and frail.

Mom succumbed to a heart attack on 24 November 2000 at home with Dad and me by her side. It was only 2 days after their 50th golden wedding anniversary which they could not celebrate due to her illness. Dad was beyond consolation. He had lost a partner of 50 years and the greatest love of his life. A loss so profound he could not recover from, even after many years.

When he passed on later, after 7 lonely years, their ashes were finally placed side by side at the Paradise Memorial Park in Tanjung Rambutan.

                      天长地久 ……Forever and ever……..


* HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 母亲节快乐      http://www.ipohworld.org/?p=1585

* At the doorstep of hell….well,almost.   http://www.ipohworld.org/?p=1489

March 2010

‘…Mama, don’t I look cute? ‘

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This little girl is standing by the famous Sultan Yussuf Fountain. This fountain is at a roundabout; which connects Brewster Road, Tambun Road, Gopeng Road and Hugh Low Street. The fountain was donated by the Turf Club, as part of their attempts to beautify Ipoh. The Turf Club also came up with the Japanese Garden – which is along Tambun Road.

February 2010

new iMaGes to view

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Our earlier post about the old MG in Kampung Kuchai (put up specially for antiquelad) led to Raz alerting us to this MG logo set in the 5 foot way in Old Town. Early this morning I set off to locate it and thanks to Daniel’s advice in an earlier comment I found it at No. 8 Hugh Low Street.

It is in front of this shop which we understand is a gunsmiths shop that 2 generations ago used to sell MG motor spares. Of course as it was before 8am on Saturday, I could not enquire further but will follow up on a working day.

But there is another interesting logo as shown above. There are two of these set into the supporting pillars each side of the shop and of course they stand for Guan Hoe. With the electric cable sheathing passing in front of them these logos are most probably original and installed when the shop was first built. Clearly I need to get back to find out more.

August 2009

Feast Your Eyes For Soon the Bridge Dies.

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This postcard dates from around 1935 and shows the Hugh Low Bridge as most people still call it today. At one time when Hugh Low, as a British Colonial, was out of fashion it was known as the Kinta Bridge, but the name never really caught on. Anyway, those who cross the bridge regularly will know that the council have now erected a temporary Bailey Bridge alongside it in preparation to rebuild a “better looking” bridge at a cost of, we believe RM50 million of taxpayers money. I do hope that figure is wrong because as far as we know the existing bridge is still sound and has years of life left in it.

Historically, the Hugh Low Bridge was first completed as a wooden bridge in 1890 and opened for wheeled traffic to Gopeng. The wooden bridge was replaced with an iron bridge when Yau Tet Shin’s New Town was built in 1907. The iron bridge was then widened in 1930 to take the ever increasing traffic, mostly non motorised.

Now the heritage buff will mourn the loss of this historic bridge, but should we all not be mourning the decision to spend so much in these difficult times. Let us hope that the rumour is wrong and the new bridge will cost a fraction of the figure being bandied about.

But anyway, feast your eyes on this old picture which shows the Bridge and God of Prosperity Temple and the People’s Park as it used to be. Memories are made of this!

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