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Did you know there was once a Japanese barber in Ipoh? I didn’t, but according to this early photo there was a “D. Wakaki Salon” along Hugh Low Street. Could anyone tell us MORE?

  1. Ruth Iversen Rollitt says:

    Before the war many Japanese ‘spies’ infiltrated the country – barbers, photographers, you name it, they were there – listening and finding out what was going on. Photographs taken of my brother Per before the war – and good ones too! – were taken by a Japanese who had his business in Ipoh.

  2. sk says:

    Ika, thanks for the link. 1st time reading this.
    In Pearl Harbour, Japanese were treated as enemies of the state.
    So likewise here, too.

  3. Mano says:

    The Japs as enemies of the state by the US after Pearl Harbour is understandable but in the case of Malaya/Singapore, according to the link, they were deported or arrested and imprisoned by the Japs themselves. These were the very people who had assisted with information for the invasion. Am I reading something wrong here?

  4. ika says:

    Good point Mano and on reading the link again I can see where the confusion lies. Consequently I have edited the text to make it clear that they were arrested by the Malayan Government and imprisoned here.

    I hope the new test is better!

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