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Could this have been one of your well-loved toys as a child? Or, maybe you prefered model aeroplanes?

I recall ‘falling in love’ with LEGO, as a child. Before that, my brother and I fought over Hot Wheels toy cars ;)

  1. sk says:

    Yes, I remembered my Mom put me in a black Jeep in a Sailor suit & took a picture. That was the trend & the Photo studio must have made a lot of money from the Jeep.

  2. NCK says:

    If I’m not mistaken, this was a palm-sized toy ran on clockwork (spring and gears). There used to be a lot of clockwork toys of old, and it wasn’t just toy cars – I remember there were walking robots, among others. I guess clockwork should have been fully phased out by battery-powered motors in today’s toy making.

    • NCK says:

      The clockwork toys that I saw were not Lines Brothers’s products. I’ve not seen any Lines Brothers products, which I think should have been relatively expensive at their times. The toys that I saw ran on plastic gears (cheap stuff) and were not durable at all.

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