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March 2017

The Next Time You’re Heading To Buntong

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The next time you’re on Jalan Tun Perak (formerly Conolly Road) and you’re heading to Buntong via Jalan Sungai Pari, keep an eye out for this long-ish building after the turn. This particular building believed to be more than a century old was once the quarters for staff members of the ‘Public Works Department’ or what we call today as the JKR (Jabatan Kerja Raya).

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There  also used to be another similar looking structure across the road but has been demolished since late 2013. Has any of our readers out there stayed here in the past? If so, we’d love to hear from you.

Click here to read an article written by Star Metro Perak on the structure.

A Round of Golf anyone?

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We thank Ruth Iversen Rollitt for the photograph (below). She told us that her late husband Donald Baxter was rather fond of the game of golf. We believe that the gentleman posing with the golf club is Donald. Now, does anyone recognise the others in the group?


Batu Gajah Court House

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BGcourthousepicture source: Heritage Asia magazine, January-March 2007

The first headquarters of the British in Kinta was Kota Bharu, the lowest landing stage on the Kinta River, and also the river port for the important mining centre of Gopeng. However, Kota Bharu was so malarial that it had to be abandoned, and in 1884 the capital was shifted to Batu Gajah, the next landing stage.



A Pot The Size Of A Fist…

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20170301-007 (blog)“Have you ever seen a pot the size of a fist!?”. Wait a minute. I didn’t get that quite right, let’s try that again, “Have you ever seen a fist the size of a pot!?” is a Cantonese phrase often used by actors like Stephen Chow in movies when trying to scare someone into not getting into a fight with him.

This cast iron pot (bigger than one’s first of course but smaller than one’s head if anyone wanted to know how big it was) was likely used at home for soups and herbs, how many of you have used this in your homes back then and do you have any interesting experiences or stories which you’d like to share with us? We’d like to hear from you. 


Farewell Mrs. Hew…

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unspecified 2 Dear all, we are saddened by the passing of Lee Siew San better known as Mrs. Hew, one of Dato’ Lat’s iconic characters in his Kampung Boy series.

A wake will be held tonight and tomorrow night at the Our Mother Of Perpetual Help Church’s (Ipoh Garden) Funeral Parlour and her funeral will take place on this Saturday, 11th of March at 1pm.

Click here to read the coverage done by New Straits Times.


NTPS dinner (edited)Mrs. Hew, seated in the second row, the second person from the left

The photograph above was taken in 2015 at the National Type Primary School (NTPS), Jalan Pasir Puteh’s reunion, where the students met up with their primary school teachers.

Papan Town?

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magazine002027This picture was taken off Heritage Asia magazine, back in 2004. The description reads as:

Perak, as in many parts of Malaysia, has a large number of pre-war and colonial shop-houses. Distinctive in their decorative sturdy look with sculpted openings and large columns guarding the shaded five-foot ways, they were the mainstay of retail business then. Somehow, new shop houses lack that character. Quiet towns like Papan still have these old edifices.

So, is this a photo of Papan? Or, could it be another town in Perak….?

Calling All Movie Buffs!

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SW 170318 Pak Hassan Workshop Poster_EDITED


“Hassan Abd. Muthalib, Toko Seni and Bapa Animasi, was with SW last August,and he agreed to come back and conduct a workshop on movies in Ipoh. This is also the first workshop conducted by SW and if the response is good,Pak Hassan has agreed to conduct five more, as an extension to the first workshop so that we can get to learn as much about movie making making and appreciation from the local legend. For those who are keen, please message us for further details and registration. WHO SHOULD ATTEND ? Anyone with a keen interest in multi media and visual arts.

Those who wish to participate, kindly contact:

Pak Peter [019-5743572], or

pspaipoh@gmail.com or

visit the Facebook page – www.facebook.com/sharpenedword.kinta

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