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February 2017

On A Treacherous Path Into The Highlands

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Tom Eadie - blogPhotograph courtesy of Tom Eadie

This was taken in 1955 as the ‘A’ Troop rolled out of the Old Convent (Taiping) and was headed for the Cameron Highlands via Tapah.

“The climb beyond Tapah with its claustrophobic intimidating high-rising jungle crowding the eternally bending narrow roadway was enough to make everyone feel vulnerable and on high alert, though failing to prevent the Troop Leader from charging on in front standing in the turret of the Dingo armoured car making a perfect target for any watching Communist Terrorist (CT).”, described Tom.

To read more about Tom’s ‘A’ Troop experience while serving in Malaya, click here.

Looking For A Former Room Mate

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Ian Horgan is trying to reconnect with a long lost mate, whom he shared a room with back in 1979/1980 in England. Here’s what he wrote:

I am writing to you to ask for your help in finding an old room-mate, Alan Tan. I shared a room with Alan back in 1979/80 in a house in Kingsland Road, Birkenhead, England. At the time Alan was attending Birkenhead Technical College studying for his ‘A’ levels. Although many years have passed Alan is not forgotten. I am a member of a WhatsApp group (15 members) who met each other at that time while studying, and we would love to rekindle our friendship with Alan. I am from England (now living in Australia) and the others are from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Hong Kong. I kept in touch with Alan for a while after he returned to Malaysia in 1980 but we lost contact. Unfortunately, the Internet was non-existent then.
Alan Tan – I think his initials were TC, so could be Alan TC Tan.
Last known address in Ipoh was 4 Jalan Mui Fah, Victoria Park.
Studied ‘A’ levels at Birkenhead Technical College in England. I think his ‘A’ level subjects were Maths, Physics and Chemistry.
Lived in Kingsland Road, next to the college. The landlady’s name was Mary.
Liked Tae Kwon Do.
Worked as a waiter in a restaurant many miles away – I think the restaurant was in Whitchurch.
Here’s a photo of Alan and me:
This one includes Mary and some of the students that lived in house. I have circled Alan:
I would be eternally grateful for any help in tracing my old friend. I’m hoping there is somebody (relative/friend) in Ipoh that could put me in direct contact with Alan, wherever he may be.
Kind regards,

Do you recognise Alan Tan? If you’re Alan, and you’re reading this, do leave a comment (or two); Ian would love to hear from you again!

Visiting the ‘Silver State’…

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It’s obvious that the writer of the above article had a good time in Perak recently. We’re glad he and his friends enjoyed themselves. We’re also glad that they visited our Hakka Museum (ref. to  the area highlighted in blue).

ps: Have YOU visited the Hakka Museum lately? If not, what are you waiting for?

…not what you think it is…

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toolLooks like a wooden bird, but it’s not quite a wooden bird. This is said to be a tool used in paddy planting. Does anyone here know HOW it’s used?


We received this from our reader Ngai, who recently visited the Rice Production Museum in Kedah. Apparently this tool pictured above is known as Renggam (see picture below).

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