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We featured Van Houten some time ago, and many of you shared your thoughts on it. Today we’d like to know if any of you are familiar with Droste Cocoa – a product by a Dutch company founded in 1863. Was it as famous as Van Houten?

  1. NCK says:

    Never knew of this brand, I’m not into cocoa drinking or bakery. But is this brand of cocoa getting on the shelves in our supermarkets? After reading your article about HP sauce, I have noticed the presence of the sauce in the supermarket.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:


    Was it as famous as Van Houten?

    I imagine it depends on where and when you ask the question.

    For example, in Southeast Asia, the Van Houten brand has been present since the late 19th century whereas Droste entered the market only after World War I.

    Anyhow, looking at the photo of the tin, notice something about the packaging: you see a girl and a boy; the boy is holding a tin, on which you can see the same girl and boy, holding the same tin, and so on. Droste is famous for doing this sort of thing in its packaging.

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        Dear Ruth, that’s very true.

        Incidentally, I wonder if I may call to your attention a previous ipohWorld article where there are some questions raised in the comments that perhaps you can address as time allows. Thank you.

  3. Ngai C O says:


    Droste is readily available at Amazon UK. See link below.

    I have not seen it at supermarket shelves in UK. Maybe some specialist retailers stock the product.

    Neither have I come across it in all my years in Malaysia. This goes with many other things that IpohWorld throws at us. There is always a first time.

    I would probably lay my hands to try a pack of Droste for the experience.

    I suppose, with all chocolate products, they do have their different twists and subtlety in taste.

    Chocolate talk, I yet have to try the deep fried Mars bar that was very popular in Scotland. It does pack a hefty number of calories, which goes towards blocking the arteries if taken regularly.


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