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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow


It’s obvious that the writer of the above article had a good time in Perak recently. We’re glad he and his friends enjoyed themselves. We’re also glad that they visited our Hakka Museum (ref. to  the area highlighted in blue).

ps: Have YOU visited the Hakka Museum lately? If not, what are you waiting for?

  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Thanks, felicia, but to my aged eyes the text in the image is too small to be legible. Is the original newspaper article available on line? (I’d look for it myself but I can’t make out which newspaper or what date. A search for the headline text produced nil.)

  2. Ngai C O says:

    Hi felicia,

    I dropped by at the museum today on my way to run some errands.

    I would like to suggest a Notice of some kind with opening days, times and how to book visits displayed prominently if it is feseable.

    I am sure this little extra will help potential visitors.

    As I did not have access to the internet at the time, I asked a stall holder nearby for the opening days.

  3. Ngai C O says:


    I am back in town after my last trip in 2013.

    My first impression is the styfling heat towards midday. My second is the ever changing landscape with construction going on wherever one casts the eye. Many former houses have been turned into offices, businesses etc.

    I join many of the silver generation in town. Many care homes are evident.

    The railway station is very busy but the platform is out of bounds to sightseers.

    I had to endure the intense heat in a quick walkabout including the alleyways of the once derelict Kong Heng vicinity and Han Chin Pet Soo, which I did not realize was not open on Mondays.

    I read the Straits Times article just now. There are no surprises. It is basically a regurgitation of widely available information. Based on its content which lacks substance, it will never convince me to visit the state for its worth.

    There was even a mention of ‘organic’. Organic is everywhere in Ipoh to make fast profits. People fall heads over heels with organic produce. My question is who certifies and guarantees that the produce is organic.

    On a more positive note, I managed to pay a visit to the former Geology Dept. which has converted a section to a museum.

    I was really impressed with the displays/information and the rocks, minerals, fossils and equipment used in geological surveys. There are also replicas and some old mining equipment on display.

    I would say this museum and Ham Chin Pet Soo can complement each other.

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      Ngai C O:

      I am back in town after my last trip in 2013.

      I envy you. Whereas here I am, a million miles, and as many years, away from Ipoh (and Taiping, etc.). I agree with you about the objective merits of the NST article, but for me it was still nice to read the text and savor the photographs (less so the one showing cactus as lunch).

      • Ngai C O says:

        Hi Felicia,

        I turned up on Monday just gone when it was closed.

        I also passed by yesterday afternoon after ferrying my sister to RHB Bank round the corner but I could not stop over.

        I did notice two sign boards which were not there on Monday.

        It also turned out that both my eldest sister, second sister, and nieces had visited Han Chin.

        In 2013, my son and I visited the exhibition at Falim.

        When I drove past the ‘Anderson Road’ bridge recently with a relative, she told me she was on duty at the General Hospital when the landslide at Gunong Cheroh occurred.

        She said the wards were overwhelmed with injured from the disaster so much so that the patients had to sleep on the floor.

        She also recounted that she was on duty when May 13 occurred. Apparently, one lady was admitted with a hand chopped off from the disturbances.

        Back to Han Chin, I am around for two more weeks and hope to book a visit before I leave.

        But I shall be back to Ipoh again in a couple of months’ time for another five weeks.

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