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20161130-001a (3rd July)

Measuring at 55 centimetres tall, this kerosene lamp was manufactured by Drawing Petrol Lamps.

20161130-001b (3rd July)

How many of you have seen or had this at home?

  1. NCK says:

    When I was little, my family had a humble, small kerosene lamp made of glass tinted in red on the outside. I know the tint was on the outside because some of it came off after some time. The few metal parts were copper. If my memory serves me right, we placed the lamp on our traditional Chinese altar.

    There was a thin flat knob jagged on the rim and connected by a rod as thin as a needle to the lamp collar, like a tiny wheel. The size of the flame was adjusted by turning the knob to move the wick higher or lower. I can use a kerosene lamp when there is a blackout, but I think candles are easier to keep.

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