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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

June 2017

New truck for the Teluk Anson Town Council

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courtesy of Mohamad Sharizan

Here’s a question for our Teluk Anson readers: Do you remember when these trucks were first used?

For those of you who didn’t know, Teluk Anson (now known as Teluk Intan) was¬†originally Teluk Mak Intan (Mak Intan Bay), named after a widowed trader (Mak Intan) who was trading across the Straits of Malacca. [you can read more about it here]

Exploring Ipoh on a trishaw

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re-mon_blogclick to enlarge

We thank Ruth Rollitt for this 1957 photograph. The lady in the trishaw is Mrs Iversen – yes, the same Iversen who built a number of iconic buildings in Ipoh (like the Telekom building along Cockman Street, the Geological Museum, as well as quite a few cinemas).

Do you see the building in the background? Recognise it? If you do recognise it, do let us know what it is…and WHERE it is ūüôā

Exhibition at Anderson School

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Special thanks to Oon Eng Hock (and SK) for sharing the above photograph with us. Anderson Alumni might remember this special day…when the then Education Minister – En Mohd Khir Johari – (extreme right) visited the school for this exhibition. Oon is standing behind En Khir, and behind Oon is none other than the Principal – Mr Tagar Singh.

Back To Days Of Manual Fanning…

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20160720-009b (14th June)

Who needs an aircond when you have your own personal fan?!

But since Ipoh has been ‘Crazy Hot’¬†for the past couple of months, I take that back. Hehe…

These are handheld rattan Punkahs, not to be confused with the large swinging fans that were fixed to the ceiling and pulled by a coolie. The word Punkah / Pankha is Hindi and originates from the word Pankh which means the wings of a bird which produces a draft when flapped.

Have you seen one of these before or even better, have you used one of these before? Let us know…¬†

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