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May 2017

Famous Names (2)

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Today’s celebrity was born in 1880 in Fuzhou (Fujian Province, China). Considered to be one of the elite Chinese in Ipoh, he became the Secretary and Attorney of Towkay Foo Choo Choon. He was also very influential in the Perak Chamber of Commerce. In 1924 he joined the Kinta Sanitary Board; 3 years later he was awarded the ‘Justice of Peace’ for his services in the state of Perak.

Who is he? Well, let’s give out a final clue before I reveal his name!

He was the owner of the Ruby Theatre building, custom-built by him to be leased to the very experienced cinema manager, Ong Ee Lim.

Ah! I see some smiles and some heads nodding….yes, he is none other than Lau Ek Ching!

Where Have I Seen This?

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Kindly click on picture to enlarge.

Some of you may recognize this bridge, most of you pass it driving up North. With the caption Sg. Perak Bridge, July 1984, we believe that this is the Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Bridge located on the northern part of the North-South Highway.  

Man of steel?

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According to the caption of this photo, the man being rammed by a tree trunk (right) is Khoo Way Poon. Perhaps this was a martial-arts demonstration. Do you remember the event? More importantly, do you know Khoo Way Poon?

Famous Names

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Our featured Celebrity was born in Wuhua, Guandong, China. He began as an apprentice in the Menglembu Tin Mines. His hard work eventually paid off when he could afford to run his own tin mines. He was also quite a philanthropist. Among his many good deeds include:

  • Treasurer of Yuk Choy High School, and also donated 2 classrooms
  • Treasurer of Perak Girls’ School
  • Vice Chairman of the Perak Ka Yin Association (from 1952-1953)
  • Hon. Chairman of the Ipoh Hakka (Khek) Association

In case you’re still wondering who this gentleman is, well let me put you out of your misery. He’s none other than Lee Kwee Foh!

Cheers to our brave Fire-fighters!

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In 1893, an actual Merryweather was ordered from London and delivered to Ipoh. Horse-drawn and manned by Sikhs (under Police supervision), it was capable of pumping up to 600 gallons of water per minute. It was also said to be the fastest vehicle (at that time) in the country!

What does a Merryweather look like? Well, here’s a toy model to give you an idea:



In case you didn’t know, yesterday – 4th May – was Hari Bomba (Fire-fighters’ Day). Kudos to all our Heroes!!

Can you believe it?

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This steamboat is ‘powered’ by charcoal. Yes, I kid you not! This brass object is divided into the base, pot and lid. The soup is placed in the pot, which is heated by the charcoal in the base. I’ve never eaten out of one of these…have you?

Laundry Time!

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Ever wondered about the origins of your favourite laundry detergent / soap?  Such soaps once came in bars, before the modern powdered and liquid form. Which is why I’d like to draw your attention to the picture above.

Recognise this brand? Have any of you used it before?

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