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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Before the invention of stainless steel, knives were very hard to keep clean and shiny. If they got too wet, they would get rusty and water could leak down into the handles, which were made of wood or bone. After simply wiping the knives after use, Victorian maids would use this special knife-cleaning machine to polish them up…(read more here)

Yes, such a thing actually existed – see the picture below.


  1. NCK says:

    After googling, I think this should be a Kent knife cleaner. The words “KENT’S / PATENT / 199 HIGH HOLBORN LONDON” should be engraved on the three base frames.

    The metal plaque at the top of the drum should have dropped off. On the plaque, there would have been words “KENT / PATENTEE & MANUFACTURER / 199 HIGH HOLBORN / LONDON”.

    Try and find this website: nyhistory.org/exhibit/rotary-knife-cleaner. It will tell you more about George Kent and his invention.

  2. NCK says:

    If you want your knives to look dandy and shiny all the time, clean your knives properly and then wipe them dry with clean cloth to prevent staining. Sometimes the water from your faucet could be unclean and this would leave droplet stain marks on your knives if you just leave them to dry on the rack. The same for your pots. I think any stain can be polished away with car polish, although I haven’t tried doing it. Be careful not to cut yourself if you tried it on your knives.

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