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How many of you remember The Drifters?

How many of you saw them perform at the Rex Cinema? 

How many of you remember the dragons on the walls, which ‘watched over’ the cinema goers?

  1. C K Leong says:

    The Drifters of Malaysia (not the original UK backup group for Cliff Richard) had some good following in Ipoh. Some of your readers might be able to identify the band equipment commonly used in those days. The guitars could be “Hofner” brand, drums “Star” and the amplifiers “Vox”?

    How many of you remember the “Falcons”- they used top end equipment!

  2. sk says:

    Yes still remember them as I am still in contact with Thomas Ham & Kenny Ham. They were our neighbours in New Pasir Puteh.
    There are some write ups in Ipohworld Data base on the Falcons or The Fabulous Falcons. Joseph Chin, the Lead guitarist has his blog.

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