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  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Come visit us at Sarang Paloh. Our exhibition will be from today 5th Sept till 10th Sept 2017, 5pm – 9pm.

    Congratulations, ipohWorld! I’m sure your hard work will pay off — and I hope you have some fun as well.

    This “Sarang Paloh” is new to me, of course. I looked at their web-site and they refer to the premises as “historical” — but do you happen to know what part of history they are referring to? (No need to respond until the show is over — and not even then! — I imagine all of you need a fairly long break.)

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear ipohWorld crew … How did this event go? Given all the hard work you put in, were you satisfied with the result or is it too soon to tell?

    As I said above, I looked at the “Sarang Paloh” web-site and found them referring to the place as “historical.” I also noticed an earlier event in the same venue was advertised on ipohWorld as follows:

    Tapestry performs for the first time in Ipoh at the Event Hall of the Sarang Paloh Heritage Hotel. Come experience an evening of songs in this beautiful and striking heritage space.

    Do you happen to know what history and what heritage they are referring to? Is it just the obvious OCBC connection or have they gone back further in time? And how far back have they traced the history of the other building? Thanks in advance for any clues.

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        Dear felicia … Thanks for the report from the event. I’m sorry the turn-out was lower than usual.

        Re the story of the “Bank of Malaya” as related in the database, the source appears to be a genealogy web-site of some sort. I’m sorry to say that the story is completely incorrect in the sense that B. P. Nicholas and his financial business had nothing whatsoever to do with the premises on Hugh Low Street!

        • ika says:

          Hi Iph Remembered, that is very interesting as I created the original database entry using information from various sources. If it is entirely wrong then of course it needs to be out right as soon as we are able. If you can help wt this it will be appreciated. In the meantime I will go back to square one and see what I can find. I will also look more closely at the two plaques on the front window grilles for more clues.

          By the way, did you know about the Japanese air raid shelter on the ground floor?

  3. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear ika … Looking over it quickly, I can say that what you’ve just found is accurate and relevant: this is, indeed, the Bank of Malaya that used to be housed at 12-14 Hugh Low Street.

    I can add that the premises were built for the Bank in 1921; and that after it went out of business, the new occupant, OCBC, opened up towards the end of 1933. (I can be more precise about this last date if it would be useful.)

    • ika says:

      When I founded ipohWorld in 2004 as a hobby on my home PC my aim was to be as accurate as possible with matters of history. Therefore, before I change the relevant database entry I would welcome any other detail you may have about the Bank of Malaya/OPversea Chinese Bank building in Hugh Low Street. Thanks.

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        Dear ika … Perhaps there ought to be an entry in the database about the early history of ipohWorld!

        This labour of love you and the crew have built is itself a treasure. I thank you for all you’ve done.

        And yes, when I can, I will add a few lines about the Bank of Malaya and some of the people involved.

        • IKA says:

          I look forward to that Ipoh Temembered.

          I really believe that the efforts we put in are worth it, even if some people do not think so, while keeping me alive at the same time.

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