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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Here’s another photo from Michael Ho’s collection. This one was taken on 14th July 1966, during a dinner held in honour of Rev Bro Assistant Superior General. We think this was probably held at the school hall of St Michael’s Institution. Do you recognise any of the gentlemen in this group?


  1. felicia says:

    Wong CW shared this on our Facebook page:
    Way back then, these men are part of the social elites. Educated, financially very stable, upward mobile and respected. How times have changed and it is not anyone’s fault. Society has caught up.

  2. Shen Ooi says:

    Mr Michael Ho is on first left. I may well be wrong but 4th from left looks like Mr Lim Guan Choe, who was headmaster of St Michael’s Primary 1.

    • Ngai C O says:

      Hi Ipoh Remembered,

      Definitely not, but his wife died of mysterious circumstances in the compound of his house at ACS next to the old primary wing. I think suicide was ruled out.

      The school lost a lot of green space to concrete as it expanded. It now looks like a concrete jungle devoid of trees. The same goes for all the other schools, St Michaels, Convent, MGS and Sam Tet.

      So is Ipoh in general. Green Town is Concrete Town

  3. S.Y. says:

    The person second from left looks like the late Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng and the person who is fourth from the left looks like the late Dato Lim Thiam Poh, who was the secretary of the then Town Council of Ipoh.

  4. Chuah TC says:

    Third anti-clockwise round the table from right is Mr Theng Khew Tet.

    Second from left resembles the current MD of KL Kepong, Mr Lee Oi Hian. Since he was just a teenager in 1966, the person in the picture must be his Dad Mr Lee Loy Seng

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