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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

We mentioned before about a Lido Cinema in Taiping. Here’s another view of the same building (which, according to Ruth Iversen Rollitt, is now a Karaoke Hall :O ).


picture courtesy of: Bernie Binge, Australia

  1. sk says:

    Yes, Lido is history. New shoplots sits on Lido .
    Its confirmed by a Taipinite . I was there 3 weeks ago but I wasnt very sure.
    I used to go there during the holidays in the 60s. It has changed considerably.
    Its a one way street now around the lake.

  2. Ruth Iversen Rollitt says:

    Another Iversen cinema bites the dust! How sad. But how lucky I was to visit it a few years ago – although I did wonder how long it would last as a karaoke hall!!!!

  3. Ipoh Remembered says:

    The linked article, “Lido cinema, Taiping 1937,” says:

    We have here a 1937 picture of the aforementioned cinema.

    In another article, “Lido cinema, Taiping 1937,” the photograph and date are given again.

    Whereas according to the book Ruth wrote about her father’s work (pp. 76-77), the Lido was designed and built in 1938. (I suspect it was completed in either ’38 or early ’39.)

    Anyway, before the Lido, on the same spot stood Taiping’s old Sun Cinema, which had been built in the era of silent films and was not easily used for “talkies” — and so it had to go.

    And now the Lido is gone.

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        I don’t think I ever had a photograph of the old Sun, but I can check.

        Meanwhile, if we think about the site, a sequence appears: first there was nothing (let’s say); and then there was picture only (the Sun); and then there was picture and sound (the Lido); and then there was sound only (the karaoke joint); and now again there’s nothing (let’s say).

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