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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow


After a history-making election, here’s a throwback to the first general election that took place in 1955. The photograph above is that of a Bomoh in Pasir Salak, who with his sheep’s head and other paraphernalia of his trade, keeping the crowd in suspense.

    • IKA says:

      No, it was taken by Police Lt Tom Turnbull as he took part in getting the ballot boxes to the counting stations. Tom was an ex Palstine policeman who came to serve Malaya in 1948

      • Ipoh Remembered says:


        I see in the database that while the bomoh may have been “keeping the crowd in suspense,” said suspense may not have been related to the election!

  1. IKA says:

    Yes of course, it could be sheer coincidence that the Bomoh was outside the Polling Station when Tom collected the ballot boxes, many of which were then transported by river to the counting station.

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      Yes of course, it could be sheer coincidence

      The database entry (2792) says: “The impending ballot did not interfere with the work of this Bomoh” — which does not sound as if there was a connection between the “impending ballot” and “the work of this Bomoh.”

      • ika says:

        The best way I can answer this is that Tom Turnbull, who was a good friend of mine who visited Ipoh every year, to pay his respects to his fallen comrades in the Emergency, told me the story when he gave me the photo.
        The bomoh was outside the Polling Station when Tom went there to collect the ballot boxes prior to the closing of voting.
        I guess therefore that my choice of database words is what is bothering you. I will try and come up with a different set of words that will more accurately reflect the story as Tom told it.

        • Ipoh Remembered says:

          Dear ika … Thanks, but the wording in the database is not “bothering” me. As I suggested, I find it unambiguous.

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