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Yes, there was such a place called Perak Club. It was founded in Taiping, in 1880. Thanks to Bernard Moss, we have some pictures of it on our database. Here’s one of the pictures – just to show you what the building looked like.


  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    just to show you what the building looked like.

    In the ’40s, the building was in use as a dining-hall by the Army when it burned to the ground.

    Incidentally, the other building visible on the right was the Town Hall.

    The linked database entry says:

    This club is said to be located at the ‘south side of the Esplanade’.

    Yes, it was; and on the north side was the “New Club,” founded just a few years later by people who weren’t allowed into the existing club. (Both groups were European-only, of course.)

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