What is Heritage?

  • Heritage is our inheritance from the past, the things we live with today, and whatever we pass on to future generations. It includes the natural environment, the built environment, movable artifacts/ephemera and our customs, languages and beliefs. It is today’s communities who decide which parts of this inheritance they value and wish to preserve for their descendants.
  • Heritage is an irreplaceable source of life and inspiration. Everything we discard today will be gone forever.
  • Heritage is a resource: a resource that can be developed and worked with in the same way we use other raw materials. It is all around us, waiting to be harnessed for our good, while reminding us about our past.
  • Heritage belongs to everybody, irrespective of the territory on which it is located.

What is Social History?

Social History goes hand in hand with heritage as it emphasizes our understanding of:

  • The growth of our society.
  • Everyday people and their lives and families.
  • Those who are often excluded from political and military history.

Why conserve our heritage and record our social history?

Both heritage and social history provide important reminders of where we have come from; the physical evidence of the past, our family history and the origins of our community, linking it with past attitudes and values that have shaped our environment. They help us to feel proud our roots, and to reinforce the identity we have in relation to the outside world. Each generation has a responsibility to protect them both for future generations.