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August 2009

J.B.D Edwards, Sungei Siput

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The news of killings of J.B.D Edwards and two Malay SCs was stated in Strait Times, adding more numbers of killings in Sungei Siput. The planters and armed forces personnels became the main targets for bandits to achieve their goal. The paper cutting was given by Mr. Bill Ashby, UK.

July 2009

Sungai Siput Memorial Board: Is it o’K’ to have ‘T’ea?

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Two memorial boards can be seen at the entrance of Elphil Estate and Sungai Siput Estate (which was formerly known as Phin Soon Estate) with the details of the tragic murders on 16 June 1948. A good intention.

But it’s so sad to see the board at the Elphil Estate. The name of the planter, Mr. A.E Walker was mispelled as A.E Walter. It seems that the person who was in charge of putting up the board, didn’t care much about the history which led to the Malayan Emergency.With this major error, definitely will mislead the readers in future about what actual had happened especially the person who was murdered.

The Malaysian Palm Oil Association Memorial Project at Sungei Siput

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Something we want bring to your attention.  The following is an extract from a notice posted by the MPOA.

….the Malaysian Palm Oil Association – Perak have decided to construct a monument and gallery at Sungei Siput Estate.

The cost of construction is estimated to be in the region of RM$100,000.00. The little Acre Sub Committee hopes to raise sufficient funds from voluntary donations from their members, other well-wishers and Corporations, so that the monument and the gallery can be built in good time to enable participants and supporters of their next Commemorative Ceremony can make arrangements to visit the ‘Historical Site’.

The main purposes of the Memorial project are :

  • To commemorate those planters, miners, police personnel, Australian British and Commonwealth troops who rallied to the support of ‘Malaya’ / ‘Malaysia’ to curb and eradicate the CT menace- many making the supreme sacrifice in the course of their duty.
  • To preserve this place of deep historical interest for the benefit of posterity.
  • To provide and preserve historical information / records / (photographs) about the Malayan Emergency (1948 – 1960).

Donations should be forwarded direct to –

The MPOA – Perak Secretary, Mrs Tan Seow Peng, 7 Jalan Hussein (P.O Box 424), 30750 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia.

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