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Yes, there was a Rex cinema in Kampar! Of course, it’s not in use now….last I checked it was boarded up.

Anyone care to tell us MORE about this place? We look forward to your comments!

  1. ika says:

    There are many photographs on the web of this cinema today, but nothing about its history. We are therefore desperate for some information about the cinema, wjen was it built, who by, when did it close. type of movies shown and of course personal reminiscences about your movie going experiences.

    Can you help please?

  2. wjen says:

    It was a snooker centre until a couple of years ago. It’s since been torn down but the new structure has yet to be built.

    I can’t remember exactly when it closed but I definitely remember watching “Mad Max : Beyond Thunderdome” there.

  3. Alfred says:

    Yes, REX cinema was one of the four cinemas that we used to go for movee during my childhood in the 60s’. I remember the cheapest ticket at that time was about 40sen and even cheaper for “cheap matinee” on Sat&Sun. morning.

    If my memory is correct, REX used to screen Shaw Brothers movie.

  4. ika says:

    Yes Alfred, the Rex was a Shaw Cinema and it actually says so on the top of the building. But please tell me the names of the other three. Thanks.

  5. Ken Chan says:

    Can only remember the names of two other cinemas in Kampar. Majestic was part of the Cathay circuit, while Princess was operated by Eng Wah. In those days, there were five principal cinema organizations that were dominant in the movie business in Malaysia. Apart from Shaw and Cathay, the other major players were Kong Ngee (the company that ran Majestic Ipoh before it was taken over by Cathay), Eng Wah (Star Cinema, Ipoh) and Chong Gay (Hoover Cinema, Ipoh). Cannot recall the name of the 4th cinema in Kampar though.

  6. S.Sundralingam says:

    There was also a Sun Cinema in Taiping, right behind the Peace Hotel (1928). Presently the site is the Store Supermarket.

    • suffererofbirdhousenoiseintaiping says:

      Sun Cinema (Chinese: 新中山戏院 “Xin Zhong Shan Xi Yuan”) used to occupy the now vacant lot between Wesley Methodist Church and the defunct Taiping Supermarket. The Store (formerly Berkat Supermarket) that stands behind Peace Hotel used to be Carlton Theatre/Cinema.

  7. Alfred says:

    Remembered I had even watch Live performance of “Teresa Teng”, & Bruce Lee “Big brother” shown in Princess cinema..

    Also worth to mention is the “Live performance” of Chinese drama near the park beside Kampar Girls school. It was sponsored by rich mining toukey along with free vegeterian Lunch & dinner for about month. It was nomally held in approx. Jun every year. It seems it was the glory time in Kampar history.

  8. Ernest Sirimanne says:

    I remember watching Dr.No and a few other James Bond films at the Rex cinema when I was studying at ACS Kampar. I think the movie I remember most was the Great Escape – starring Steve McQueen. All seats were sold out except for a few that were 2 rows from the front of the screen. I remember hunching back on my seat watching the movie and feeling that I was silly to have bought the ticket. When the movie finally started, I found myself quite comfortable and forgot all my negative thoughts about the seat I had purchased.

  9. Razer says:

    Just remembered the last time i watched movie at REX Kampar was “King Solomon Mines”.
    The building is quite old not safe anymore. It was abandoned for few years and now they has demolished. New construction is going on and it might be shop lots or hotel. me not sure with that.
    Heard rumors that lotus five star going to open new cinema at kampar

  10. Nicholas Leong says:

    The movie that make me remember the most about rex is The Ten Comentments if I not wrong . Did nanybody recall about that movie ?

  11. Carole says:

    I saw many movies in Kampar, movies starring Lin Dai, Ivy Ling Po, Li Ching, Cheng Pei Pei and others. The movies were in mandarin with English subtitles. No Cantonese movies shown in Rex. I remember watching English movies like The good, the bad and the ugly . Basically all Clint Eastwood movies.

    The movie ticket came with another small paper( called fei cha) with the seat number. After some years, this was scrapped and the seat numbers was written at the back of the ticket. Price of the tickets were 40 sen, 65 sen and 80 sen for upper circle ( upstairs)

    Not forgetting the hawkers selling so much of tibits like kwa chee n pineapple slices. There is a bowl of salt n a red chilli which u can use to rub the salt on the pineapple.

    Kampar was safe then. The kids will just follow an adult cinema patron( a complete stranger) n enter the cinema. I did that too but after asking for permission. :p

    thanks for posting the photos, really brought back tonnes of memories.

  12. felicia says:

    Hi Gabe. from what the readers have been telling us, this picture was probably taken in the 1960s. perhaps the guy on the right is your dad?

  13. nostalgia_babe says:

    REX cinema was too far away from the place that I stayed if we would like to go for a movie during my childhood. We either walked or cycle to REX. Usually we went to Princess if we want to go for a movie because it was the nearest cinema to the place that I stayed. Princess always show romantic and classical chinese movies starring likes brigette lin and etc. While REX and Majestic’s movie shows mostly of adventures, kungfu, comedy, ghost,Indian, English, Malay and etc. I remember I watched ‘Lam Ah Jen’ at REX once when I was still a kid then. There was once best moments where REX gave free admission on matinee show to school children with uniform on Merdeka day. It was the most exiting moment to school children and that was many many golden years ago.

  14. PT says:

    I stayed for a period in Kampar during the 60s. Being new there and didn’t have friends and nothing much to do in the small town, I went to cinemas often. I can still remember some of the movies that I saw during my 1-year stay. Among them were ’1964 Tokyo Olympiad’ at the Majestic, the ‘Birds’, ‘Marnie’ at Rex, ‘A Shot In the Dark’ at the Princess.

  15. ika says:

    Hi nostalgia_babe. Welcome to ipohWorld, which is as you will have seen not only about Ipoh, but covers the Kinta Valley and even further into the wilds of Perak.

    However, Ipoh photos come easier than those from Kampar and so if you or any of your friends have any please let us know. We have never found any of Princess or Majestic. They don’t necessarily have to be old. You can contact me at info@ipohworld.org.

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