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In our previous post, we had a reply from the brother of the pretty lady sitting on the sports car. We now know her as Joan Lau. After some searching, we found a picture of Lawrence Lau (see below).


The caption for the above picture is as follows: “Adrian Boudville looking on, Barry Jansz acting as Time Keeper and Lawrence Lau acting as Starter.”

This was taken on 18th August 1971 at the Ipoh Railway Station. Anyone remember this event?

  1. Cameron Mann says:

    I wonder if this Barry Jansz is an old friend of mine who served an Austin Apprenticeship in Birmingham in the late 1950s? If so, I believe that he now lives in Spain and would love to hear more of him. I believe that his family business was printing in Ipoh.

      • S.Y. says:

        Probably meant whether it belongs to William Pillay.

        I remember that there was an European who used to drive an old car. At the back was a sticker “Ho Ko Mo”. It took me some time to figure out that it was in Chinese and said “Better than nothing” probably to people who commented that he was driving such an old car.

        • Ipoh Remembered says:

          Probably meant whether it belongs to William Pillay.

          Ah, the Malacca-registered FIAT? Perhaps it did belong to William, I don’t know. I can’t quite see the driver’s face, but he may be the right age, whereas the person sitting beside him is too young to be William in 1971.

          (And that “Ho Ko Mo” sticker was funny.)


          Behind Mr. Boudville is the ‘bull-nose’ front section of the Saab 96.

          Yes, and beside him is a Ford Escort (not the original model from the ’50s, of course, but the one introduced in the late ’60s).


          Those who don’t recognize William Pillay’s name may be interested to know that he was the adopted son of Sybil and Abdon Kathigasu. There is information about him in the ipohWorld database.

  2. Mano says:

    Yes, Ipoh Remembered, it is the Ford Escort, a Mk I with the distinct ‘dog bone’ grille. The Escort Mk II and it’s bigger sister, the Cortina Mk IV were the last of the top selling continental makes in M’sia. It was an all Jap fight for the top position until the arrival of Proton.
    In the mid 70’s, an Escort BDA prepared by Zakspeed of Germany driven by Harvey Yap blew a tyre and crashed through a fence at Batu Tiga tragically killing a few spectators.

  3. Mano says:

    Of course, Ipoh Remembered. Sonny Rajah was a household name. He was the first M’sian to win the then Selangor Grand Prix. He was sponsored by Rothmans Tobacco M’sia. I’m not sure if he was the first M’sian to win the M’sian Grand Prix but he did win that as well. However, RAT and Sonny parted ways soon after and he never regained his standing after that.
    He was dashing and flamboyant, the M’sian version of Peter Wyngarde’s character, Jason King, a hit TV series in of the 70’s.
    He was in the sports saloon races prior to moving into the Grand Prix circuit. He drove a Ferrari Dino and, if I recall correctly, he’s father, Kularajah, had something to do with the MCIS insurance company. He also owned the then Jayapuri Hotel in Petaling Jaya with it’s famous Glass Bubble discotheque where Freddie Fernandez’s group The Revolvers made their name.
    Here’s Sonny Rajah’s famous quote back then, “Kissing a girl without a moustache is like eating rice without curry!” 🙂

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      Dear Mano … Thanks for the sketch of Sonny. I suppose even girls with moustaches appreciate being kissed once in a while!

      I wonder if you knew Sonny’s sister. She was a classical dancer (I think she eventually became a doctor).

      And yes, Sonny’s father, an accountant by training, came up after the war and used to be active in the labour and co-operative movements. He was a hotelier only indirectly, in the sense that the Jaya Puri was owned by MCIS (and not by him) — that is, until it was sold to Pernas and became a Hilton.

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