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  1. sk says:

    Good of Charlie Choong to keep a record of this long forgotten Golden Jubilee with a receipt dated 21st. Nov. 1962 !. As far as I could remember, it was a Night Club located just before you reach Housing Trust from the left after you past MGS roundabout. There was an AOG Church next to it. Behind Golden Jubilee . there was a Private School & from there, the road leads you to Gopeng Road & Ipoh Famous Crown Fountain. I was a young lad then & I have never had an opportunity to dine there as it was a forbidden zone.

  2. Old Horse says:

    Golden Jubilee is now Sun Lee How Fook Restaurant moved from its original location at Jalan Ali Pitchay. It’s directly opposite The Store and connected by an overhead pedestrian bridge. Never ate there before as I’d always thought it was a cabaret and therefore a no, no place to be in!
    Wow! a bottle of Anchor beer for only RM1.40 then? Am feeling thirsty already!

  3. S.Y. Lee says:

    As Old Horse said, it was where the New Lee How Fook is. The rectangular building was torn down and the New Lee How Fook building was put up together with the overhead bridge. It was more of a night club than a cabaret. In 1969 or thereabouts, a brandy water (or brandy seven-up) would cost about $2.50. There was a life band. The Latin Quarter came later. But that is another story.

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