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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

June 2015

Have you joined the “Naan” side yet?

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After featuring mostly Chinese dishes in our previous blog posts, we thought of doing something different this time by featuring the ‘Garlic Naan Set’ which usually comes with a huge piece of tandoori chicken from “Restoran Kapitan Briyani Claypot”, located between Jalan Kledang Utara and Jalan Lahat.

Over the years quite a number of Northern Indian restaurants have opened up in Ipoh, what is your favourite dish?

‘pest control’

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fish brand

Since we live in the tropics, mosquitoes have always been a menace. Here’s a good old fashioned mosquito coil – the Angel Fish Brand Mosquito Destroyer! Has anyone used this coil? Was it effective in getting rid of those notorious blood-suckers?

The Ever Popular Chicken Rice!

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chicken rice

Since we missed our food blog yesterday, we decided to feature a rather popular dish – the famed Chicken Rice!

Apparently, this simple yet delicious dish comes in many varieties. The common type being rice served with the signature roasted chicken or steamed chicken; some stalls offer other side dishes together with the chicken rice.

Which is YOUR favourite variety?

The Tambun Cafe

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tambunreceipt from Charlie Choong


The last I checked, Tambun Inn seemed to be undergoing renovations…perhaps a new management has taken over? Well, we hope someone out there can tell us more. We’re also curious to know WHO ran the Cafe back then (when it first opened).

Remember the time when a bowl of chicken porridge cost $ 3.00 at Tambun Cafe?

Attention all ACS Alumni!

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ACS1click to enlarge


The above is a programme (sent via email) from LeanMS. As you can see, the ACS Alumni have many events scheduled for the next few months. Lean also told us:

“In order not to in any way affect attendance at the Festival of Performing Arts, we have decided to reschedule the Musical Concert to 5th August 2016 (next year).”

So, mark you calendars, folks! Here’s a chance to catch up with all your former school mates (and teachers too!).



Tales from the School Canteen

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batu_gajah_1956_23_at_the_canteenpicture from: Danial Doutriaux

Some school canteens sold food which were a crowd favourite. Some were known for their cheerful hawkers. Food aside, some canteens became a ‘meeting place’ for friends (and enemies too!). The picture shown is that of the Batu Gajah Convent’s canteen, back in 1956.

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