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Have you heard of this company before – Sharikat Sim Lim (M)? It used to be along Brewster Road (as seen in the picture above).

For those who are still staring at this picture in disbelief, yes…Brewster Road used to be a two-way street once….

We thank Chan Kok Keong for the above picture.

    • Ipoh Remembered says:


      For those who are still staring at this picture in disbelief, yes…Brewster Road used to be a two-way street once

      Some of us never knew it as anything but a two-way street!

      Ngaio C O:

      I remember this company, which deals in finance, possibly insurance as well.

      Yes, if you look closely at the English-language sign in the photograph, near the Alfa and around the corner from the Malay-language sign, you can make out that it says “Sim Lim Finance (M) Limited.”

      Sim Lim was a Singapore-based company founded before the war. Originally a supplier of construction materials, it formally entered the finance industry and the Malaysian market in the ’60s. It still exists as a company but the finance portion was sold off to Keppel (in the late ’80s, I think, but am not sure). As for the premises shown in the photograph, I don’t personally know but I take your word that the current occupant is Hong Leong.

  1. NCK says:

    From what I heard, Sim Lim Square in Singapore is notorious for ripping off tourists. Besides, Microsoft had complained of the sales of pirated softwares in the electronics hub. Not a good thing if the Sim Lim in Ipoh was indeed related to that Sim Lim in Singapore.

  2. felicia says:

    You guys are QUICK! 🙂
    Ngai & IpohRemembered, thanks for the info on Sim Lim.
    NCK, I thought Singapore was really strict about piracy and such….but I suppose there’s always a loop hole somewhere…

  3. sylee says:

    It started as Visia Finance Berhad and was then taken over by Sim Lim Finance (M) Berhad. Ultimately, Hong Leong Finance Berhad took over. It was then changed to Hong Leong Bank Berhad, if I remember correctly.

  4. sk says:

    I may still have a SIM LIM plastic Jacket where I kept my saving books. Hope its still in the drawer ! That’s about 50 years ago. Unlike the current clear plastic, this was a thick white opaque plastic.Lettering was in black & chinese characters in red.
    What were those people looking at ? A procession? as there was a police officer controlling the traffic.
    Opposite Sim Lim would be Kompleks Yik Foong but I doubt it was built then but there were stalls selling chicken feet behind Yik Foong. I wonder if the stalls are still there .

    • S.Y. Lee says:

      sk, Kompleks Yik Foong was built when Visia Finance was in existence. Visia Finance was taken over by Sim Lim Finance and subsequently by Hong Leong Finance.

      • S.Y. Lee says:


        The stalls selling chicken legs are no longer there. My friend from Penang used to go with me to eat the chicken legs. Many years ago, the Municipality of Ipoh (or was it town council then?) decided that all these stalls should not be selling on the road side and they were stopped and had to move to shops – more hygienic. Funny thing is today, some of the stalls have started appearing and selling on the road side. So much for hygiene.

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