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toolLooks like a wooden bird, but it’s not quite a wooden bird. This is said to be a tool used in paddy planting. Does anyone here know HOW it’s used?


  1. Ngai C O says:


    I am making a few very wild guesses not having any ideas at all, after pouring through many traditional implements/what not used in rice cultivation, on the web.

    - Could be part of a predator bird to scare off birds from eating the
    grains of rice.

    - Could be part of a buffalo/cow drawn plough.

    - Could be a saddle to sit on in a wooden plough.

  2. Mano says:

    I think it’s what was called the ‘tuai’. Hence the word ‘menuai’ padi – to harvest the padi. Admittedly, I have tried trawling the ‘net’ to confirm my hunch but to no avail. So I too am guessing here but not as ‘forehead slapping’ as my colleagues’!:)
    Ok, back to this ‘tuai’ thingy. The base of the object looks to be metal and thus must serve as the cutting edge. The shape must somehow fit the palm in such a manner for prolonged ease of use.

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