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20170301-007 (blog)“Have you ever seen a pot the size of a fist!?”. Wait a minute. I didn’t get that quite right, let’s try that again, “Have you ever seen a fist the size of a pot!?” is a Cantonese phrase often used by actors like Stephen Chow in movies when trying to scare someone into not getting into a fight with him.

This cast iron pot (bigger than one’s first of course but smaller than one’s head if anyone wanted to know how big it was) was likely used at home for soups and herbs, how many of you have used this in your homes back then and do you have any interesting experiences or stories which you’d like to share with us? We’d like to hear from you. 


  1. NCK says:

    A pot in this shape nowadays is usually enamelled or is made of aluminium. Bare cast iron cookware is meant for heavy-duty uses (high-temperature and long-duration cooking). I suppose the pot in the picture is thicker than the enamelled pots that we usually find.

    Slow in heat conduction and able to retain heat well, I think a bare cast iron pot or wok is more suitable for use on a charcoal stove of the old. It is said that such cookware can leach iron into food, hence is beneficial to people with iron deficiencies. However, a user has to season the cookware with oil to prevent rust.

  2. Ngai C O says:


    I have used cast iron ware in the past, both enameled and bare metal, when it was fashionable at one time in the eighties. They are gathering dust in the cupboard.

    Then came stainless steel and until recent times copper.

    My mother used a large cast iron wok for many years until Tefal bought her over with its non stick aluminium wok. The love was short lived though because the coating came off soon after. This time she reverted back to a stainless steel wok instead.

    Whatever material that pots are made of, they do last a lifetime, except those with the non stick coating. Manufacturers are still very much in business with their sales pitch to persuade customers to empty their wallets for new features.

    Large sections of supermarkets are devoted to pot and pans. There must be money to be made by selling such ware.

    Below is link to pictures of some cast iron cookware.


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