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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow
BGcourthousepicture source: Heritage Asia magazine, January-March 2007

The first headquarters of the British in Kinta was Kota Bharu, the lowest landing stage on the Kinta River, and also the river port for the important mining centre of Gopeng. However, Kota Bharu was so malarial that it had to be abandoned, and in 1884 the capital was shifted to Batu Gajah, the next landing stage.



  1. Ngai C O says:


    I am diverting myself from the court house to Kota Bahru and the Kinta River.

    As much as I used to work in Gopeng for 10 years and often went to Kota Bahru Estate to dine with the estate supervisor, I never realised that the Kinta River was nearby.

    I certainly did not realise the significance of the town.

    Also I thought until just now that Kopi San Village was just the village name. Apparently, Osborne and Chappel dabbled in coffee growing there at one time. I cannot recall my colleagues who lived in Gopeng ever mentioned coffee growing.

    From Wikipedia, I found the Kinta River is about 62 miles long joining the Perak River near Telok Intan.

    • felicia says:

      Hello Ngai,
      You’re probably right about the name of Kopi San Village. Yes, for a time coffee estates were a source of income…until the price of tin picked up again. I wonder what became of those coffee estates….

      • Ngai C O says:

        Hi felicia,

        Palmer mentioned it in his book, The Osborne And Chappel Story.

        I just bought a copy.

        It would be worth having a copy for your database.

        I can add some anecdotes to the story as well as a lot of other people who have worked with the company.

      • Ngai C O says:

        To follow up on your query regarding the coffee estate, Palmer said it was into mines.

        There was some initiative of reviving coffee planting in the current village as a cottage industry as reported by the Star last year.

        I think at best it is a publicity stunt by the village headman, who probably was after a datuk title because P M was also involved in the news about something else.

        Why would it not be when out to fish for votes.

        For serious coffee planting to be viable, a feasibility study has first to be carried out. What types to plant also needs to be decided. The coffee beans will go through evaluations for taste and aroma so that it is marketable.

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