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I wonder how many of you remember this advertisement. We got this off the back back of an old exercise book.

What other products were advertised on the back of exercise books during your school days?

During my school days, the backs of our exercise books had no adverts – just the Rukunegara and probably the school song :)

  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    I know what the girl in the advertisement is saying: that the telephone she’s holding will soon lead to the demise of the fountain pen — if not the death of hand-writing itself.

  2. Mano says:

    I don’t recall the ad’s but I think back then students advanced from pencil to the fountain pen in Std. 5. The brand of pens available were, of course, the big names like Pilot, Parker and Sheaffer. Then there were also the ‘el cheapo’s from China, namely, Hero and Youth. It stayed that way, in school at least, till sometime in the mid 70′s when on the front page of the New Straits in one of the advertising space flanking the masthead appeared the Mont Blanc Carrera. It was styled after the Porche Carrera, the fastest production car in Germany. It had a matte black cap, a sharply contrasting yellow barrel and the clip had holes just like the steering wheel spoke. I was one of a very few in school to carry one in their front shirt pocket!
    However, after I had left school, one of my younger siblings, who was using it, dropped it causing a hairline crack in the lower barrel leaking the ink onto your fingers. I still have this pen and I have searched all over the internet for a replacement part but to no avail :(

    • NCK says:

      Mano, have you tried repairing your pen at a Mont Blanc service centre? You can check online for one nearest to your place.

  3. sk says:

    Yes, I remember this advertisement. The fountain pen we used need to pump the ink
    via a rubber tube. Next was to draw the pen holder & suck the ink from the pen head.
    Next came the ink in a capsule. After that came the Ball Point pen revolution.
    I have no idea if ink pen is still in use.

  4. sk says:

    Ha3, Mano, I have a Mount Blanc but didnt actually observe the spoke wheel.
    I thought it was the Star of David! The refill doesnt come cheap .
    In 1973, one popular brand was Cross. I have a silver & a golden cross pen given by a Hongkee.
    I accidentally melted the top of the cross pen when I used to lift up a hot device.
    I remember getting an earful from the Hongkee who gave me the pen but he bought a new one for me from Hong Kong.
    Mano, dont bother getting a replacement. Get a new one as I am sure getting a replacement costs as much. Cheers.

  5. NCK says:

    In all my schooling, I used ball pens for their cheapness and ease of use. After leaving school, for a brief period, I took to fountain pens and bought a few, intending to improve my handwriting with the pens. I bought the type with a converter – that you dip the tip of the pen in an ink bottle to suck up ink. I didn’t buy the type with a cartridge, considering the costs of replacing the cartridge and for fear that replacement cartridges might not be available in the future. Then, I still didn’t find the necessity to use a fountain pen and the few pens that I bought were demoted to the ranks of my hoarding.

  6. sk says:

    Was just checking from the internet the cost of Mont Blanc pen.
    Wow, A Mont Blanc Meisterstuck Solitaire Stainless Steel costs a whooping RM 2679.99. I wouldnt believe what I am seeing. RM 3K for a pen ! That’s crazy.

    • NCK says:

      Not only Mont Blanc has pens in this price range. You most probably have not checked out the pens at any pen shop or departmental store for a long time.

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