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  1. felicia says:

    Hi SK.
    Yes, this place in somewhere in Ipoh. This photo was from a set of three; all showing various places in Ipoh.

  2. NCK says:

    A bullock park might just be the nickname given by the photo contributor to any grass field where bullock cart drivers parked their carts and let their cattle rest, graze, and dung. For anyone who knows the place, the steep slopes on the sides of the field and the row of shophouses behind should serve as the clue on the location of the place.

  3. Lee Keen Seong says:

    There was one along Jalan Leon Boon Swee where Wisma Ehsan is situated now. On my way back from school in the late 50s and early 60s, I always stop by there to watch these lovely creatures.

  4. sk says:

    Ha3, Lee Keen Seong,
    Could be. In 50′s or 60′s, that part of road was not opened yet. Most probably you were cycling to school using a path. Only Jalan Datoh was the the excess road to cross the bridge & to the Ipoh Bus Station. Medan Kidd came much later. By that time, I have left Kinta Valley.

    • Lee Keen Seong says:

      You’re right. There was only Jalan Datoh. After crossing the Kinta River from New Town to Old Town towards the Bus Station, the Bullock Park was on the right after the Jalan Datoh bridge.

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        Yes, I remember that bend in the river. It was so pronounced it ran close to Lahat Road near the Grand Hotel. Then Belfield Street was extended south until it led right to the river bank. Over the decades the roads in that area were all re-organized and the bend in the river got pretty well straightened out, mostly to help reduce the amount of seasonal flooding.

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