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This lady needs no introduction….I think EVERYONE knows who she is ;)

Rose Chan was born Chan Wai Chang in Soochow, China, in 1925 to acrobat parents. She arrived in Kuala Lumpur at the tender age of six. Despite having no formal education, she demonstrated her entrepreneurial spirit at an early age of 12 by charging her classmates to have their photo taken. After the failure of her first (arranged) marriage to an elderly Chinese contractor more than twice her age, a 17-year-old Rose became a cabaret dancer at Happy World in Singapore where she excelled as a dancer (read more here).

  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    At an Ipoh Town Council meeting in 1959 or so, S. P. Seenivasagam argued that it was the Council’s duty to protect Ipoh from shows such as Rose Chan’s.

    Another councillor objected to this line of argument, pointing out that far worse provocations were seen every night in certain areas of New Town.

    But S. P.’s brother, D. R., maintaining that strip-tease shows incited lust and criminality, suggested that if a decision had to be made about renewing Ms. Chan’s license, the entire Town Council should take the responsibility seriously and actually attend a performance before drawing any conclusions.

    In the end the license was not renewed.

    On another occasion, instead of asking that the entire Council review Ms. Chan’s revue, D. R. sent a number of “undercover agents” instead.


    Rose’s famous “Lady Tarzan” performance once back-fired on her: she was almost suffocated by her python. Instead of retreating into a milder act, she added a monitor lizard.

    The python had been purchased in Ipoh. I don’t know where she might have obtained a monitor lizard.


    Everybody clapped very hard and I thought, “Here I dance all night and sweat so much and nobody claps. My bra breaks and they clap.”

    — Rose Chan, 1925-1987

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