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Today’s blog picture is from Sybil de Roquigny (via email). She tells us that this is the embankment (with a flight of steps) in front of her grandmother’s house; if you stand at the top, you get a good view of the Kinta River.  Sybil’s grandmother – Chow Yoon Soo – was the second wife of Leong Eng Khean, and she lived at No. 8 Clayton Road. The house of course is no longer there. It was demolished and now standing in its place is Cititel Express. This picture was taken in 1950.


  1. Ngai C O says:


    I am struggling to work out the lineage and who is who.

    Perhaps a family tree structure will make things easier.

    Lineage aside, that part of town has been massively transformed so much so that it is unrecognizable from, say 10 or so years ago when I googled the area.

    An ordnance map, if it is still available, may be the only source to chart its past.

    • felicia says:

      Hi Ngai. I’ve added a link to Leong Eng Khean’s name (which I missed out earlier, so sorry). Leong Eng Khean is the eldest son of Leong Fee – a famous Hakka tin miner, who founded the Hakka Miner’s Club = Han Chin Pet Soo (Han Chin Villa).

      • Ngai C O says:

        Hi felicia,

        Thanks a lot felicia.

        Also a big Thank You to the donor. It is a big family tree stretching back a long time and many countries.


    Hello Ngai C O,

    If you go to Database and type in Leong Fee, you could find some information concerning Leong Fee’s descendents and especially that of my grandfather Leong Eng Khean and my grandmother Chow Yoo Soo.

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