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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow


At 18 years old, this gentleman started working in a tin mine under the guidance of his uncle. Years later, using his accumulated savings, he managed to buy the Chung Thye Phin Villa and helped convert it into a private hospital. Ever the philanthropist, this same gentleman also set up Shen Jai High School. I think by now most of you would have guessed who I’m talking about (some may have even recognised him in this photograph!) This person is none other than Foo Nyit Kai (also known as Foo Yet Kai)

  1. Ngai C O says:


    I was too young to remember much about Foo Yat Kai apart from the news and publicity of his funeral because many people took part.

    Shen Jai students were turned out to pay their respects.

    I heard that some wealthy people paid for professional mourners.

    I wonder whether these practices still exist.

    What are people’s thoughts today and how different they were, say 60 years ago?

      • Ngai C O says:

        Hi Ipoh Remembered,

        Aha, looks like you are opening yourself up about the likes of rocks, stones and sand.

        As for the Notice, I think it has to do with deforestation as one face of the slope was devoid of original vegetation. Illegal clearing of land for palm oil? This is my theory.

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