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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

This is a picture of Ipoh’s famous Eurasian lady, Sybil Kathigasu who was awarded the George Medal by King George VI. Her story under the Japanese Occupation is a harrowing one, yet one of bravery strength and determination. Her story and that of her family can be found at here.


  1. Wang Shaoming says:

    Sybil Kathigasu’s old clinic in historic Papan Town has been partially renovated and formed the focus of Papan Open Day 2003 being an inaugural event of the then nascent Perak Heritage Society.

    Launch of the book “God of the Earth” and Papan Open Day pix and links to related news

    You may contact Perak Heritage Society here

  2. Steve says:

    I am researching the history of my Grandfather, a David McDonald McFarlane. He was a served in the British Army in World War II. We beleive he was involved in the unit that located and freed Sybil Kathigasu. My mother believes this to be the case as she remembers he attended an ‘important wedding of a malayan family’ during the 1950’s, which we now beleive was for Dawn Kathigasu. I have skimmed the ‘No Dram of Mercy’ book , although the copy I skimmed had no reference to the British forces ‘saving’ Sybil. I would love to know if you know more information on who / when Sybil was released by the Japanese? We understand my grandfather threatened or actually spilt the ashes of a relative of Sergeant Yoshimura to aide in his admission of guilt to the crimes against Sybil. Although this information is passed through the family. Any assistance in this research would be appreciated.

  3. ika says:

    Hi Steve,

    How interesting because we do have a Captain David McFarlane mentioned on our site in conjunction with her rescue from Batu Gajah Jail and her funeral both here and earlier in Scotland.

    What we have available at the moment is on the database. Go to http://www.ipohworld.org – click on ‘database’ – ‘agree’ – ‘photograph’ – type into keyword box ‘McFarlane’.

    You will find 3 items and a little of what you are looking for.

  4. ika says:

    Done. I have sent an enlarged photo by email, extracted from the original.

    I have my fingers crossed in the hope it is the right man.

    Do let us know.

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